We Have A New Testing Company!!!!!!

We Have A New Testing Company!!!!!!

It was made OFFICIAL yesterday that The Board of Cosmetology has entered into a 5 year contract with Pearson Vue to take BACK over the written and practical testing…

Since it has been over 2 years since Pearson has tested in Mississippi individuals who would like to be considered for elevator positions will have to go through the full process again..  This means background checks as well..

It is my understanding that there will be 3 practical sites in Mississippi which will make it more convenient for individuals who are not from the Jackson area..

Pearson will also be hosting an Industry Day to bring EVERYONE up to speed…  I will be making regular post on this information as it becomes available….




  • VICKI MURRAY says:


  • Robin says:

    Thank you for all of your timely information…..

  • Peggy Tiblier says:

    More info on test sites and pearson please

  • Beth Martin says:

    THANK YOU MELVIN!!! So excited to hear this news:)

  • Cassondra Cowart says:

    Would this be the possible reason for a student who finished cosmetology school the beginning of January to still have not received any information about taking the boards? Thank you!

    • Melvin Calton says:

      YES… This student will have to make application with the New Testing Company once they get up and running.. I am being told that Pearson Vue is planning to be up and running no later that June 6, 2017… And depending on where the student graduated from they might want to go back to their school to make sure they understand what will be required for the Pearson Vue Practical Examination…
      Hope this helps.

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