1-26-2015 Regular Board Meeting

With everything that has been going on in our state it makes this January 26th Board meeting looked totally boring!!!!

The Board reviewed 14 requests for Duplicate Licenses….  Then went into discussion on the procedure that the Board office was using for the OPENING of a NEW SALON…  We keep having to beat this HORSE over and over again.  The Board had previously given Cynthia Johnson a directive to follow, however Cynthia Johnson did not like the directive and consulted with Board attorney Jeff Jernigan as to a better way to handle the process….   Needless to say we still have MANY, Many new salon applications being bogged down due the agency’s Executive Director’s inability to DIRECT!!!!!!

The Board also had discussion concerning the endless back log of Violation Notifications.  Cynthia Johnson stated that the TEMP help’s contract had ended but they still had a lot of old violations that needed to be sent out..  Cynthia Johnson asked the Board to consider allowing her to bring back the TEMP help until the back log had been caught up..  Waylon Garrett asked Cynthia Johnson how many violations still needed to be process….  Cynthia Johnson replied “I’m Not Sure….”  Give me a break if I was going to ask for more help I would at least know how much work I was behind….  Waylon and Dot was firm on no more money to be spent on temporary help.  Teresa Whitman made a motion to allow Cynthia Johnson to reinstate the temporary position in order to finish the back log of violations…..   Now is where it gets GOOD….   Board President Leisa McElreath as for a second on the motion and no one said anything….  Then, Teresa Whitman said “SHELLY “

ARE YOU NOT GOING TO SECOND IT….  Shelly seconded and Leisa McElreath voted Yes and Motion Passed…..

The Board voted to make temporary rules and regulations permanent….   Dot and Waylon voted no as they did not have a clean set of rules and regulations and both strongly disagreed with the temporary rules pertaining to Salon Licensing.  Leisa, Teresa, and Shelly voted Yes…  Motion carried..

By this time Waylon looked at Dot and said I don’t know why we are even here, its like always they are going to do what they want to do and our opinion does not even matter…..

Leisa McElreath had Cynthia Johnson ask the Board members if any of them planned on attending the upcoming  NIC Regional Conference.  Waylon made a motion that no Board members would be attending the Regional Conference.  Dot seconded I hear Leisa McElreath say to Kay that if you’ll pass this then I will get paid my “per diem”……  May I have a DRUM ROLL please….   Shelly also voted with Waylon and Dot….   WOW if Shelly had been doing a lot more of this type of voting our agency would not be in the mess that is in….

Well enough about this Board Meeting…   I’m moving on to the Mississippi Practical Examination Overview that was presented by PCS…

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  • by Ann Simmons Posted February 12, 2015 2:59 pm

    Cannot wait for Leisa, Kay and Shelly’s REIGN OF TERROR to be over….God help the ones who have to straighten out the selfish mess they have created for our industry. I’m zipping it now until I can confront them face to face…..

  • by Ann Simmons Posted February 12, 2015 3:09 pm

    Almost forgot….I find it very hard to believe that Leisa and the other two idiots voted to spend additional money to attend the NIC conference after getting their butts reamed for the outrageous travel funds they have spent….my gosh, it was just in the Clarion Ledger yesterday!!! They spent more in travel than the Governor’s or Department of Agriculture’s offices – what the heck is wrong with them?????

  • by You know who Posted February 12, 2015 4:06 pm

    All of the lies and back room deals along with board meetings with the Executive Director, attorney and the 3 amigos as they are known, is just about to come to an end. The Executive Director, past and current attorney and the 3 board members have just about destroyed our agency. Do not fret, it’s going to be better with your prayers.

  • by Jan May Posted February 12, 2015 8:14 pm

    Give it time ladies and gentlemen!

  • by hairtchr Posted February 12, 2015 9:28 pm

    Ann Simmons… please let me know when this face to face confrontation is going to happen. I want a front row seat! And you know… we have your back Mrs. Ann. (love you long time). And, “You Know Who” and you know what!!!!!!! HANG ON PEOPLE….. BETTER DAYS SOON TO COME!!!!!!

  • by Me sgain Posted February 13, 2015 12:46 am

    I agree with you Ann!!! It’s been absolute terror!!! When they DO go, I guarantee it won’t be the end . They have others JUST LIKE THEm, feeding them and backing them! They will be in every organization we have and every commitee to get “revenge”. As some of this mess started with a BFF vowing revenge for her BFF – and it is all nothing but gossip from jealousy power and greed that caused THOSE feelings.
    It’s pretty difficult to tell our young hairdressers to party another time but the hair shows should be about education when a few of our “leaders ” would make a great cast for “old broads gone WILD” video! And NIC is famous for being in the red from partying and travel / so those two are getting a head start – what do they care ? It’s not from their pockets and again we know from the get go they SURE DONT CARE about the very ones THEYRE suppose to be there to protect and represent !and yes the rules n regs were already a master issue of non understanding and its do gimped up now it’s ludicrous !! I hope to God that can be reverted by others later !!praying hard for change !!

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