10-18-2015 Board Meeting Work shop

On Sunday October 18, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. the Board of Cosmetology held a special workshop for the purpose of completing the revisions to the Rules and Regulations and to finalize the pending R.F.P.  All Board members with the exception of Glenda Honeycutt was present along with Legal Council, Jeff Jernigan.

Since the New Board took office they have been working extremely hard to CORRECT a lot of WRONGS  that occurred with the previous Board….  At this meeting the Board finalized it’s draft of the Mississippi State Board of Rules and Regulations!!!!  These updated Rules and Regulations should be up on the Cosmetology Board’s website by mid January 2016…  

Not going to go over all the changes but will give you a few of the highlights:   NO MORE          Full Service Cosmetology Salons or Limited Service Cosmetology Salons!!!!   OUT WITH          90 day time frame on age of Photo for licenses!!! NO MORE BS with having to have your licensed posted everywhere you work in a salon!!!!  Student Instructors College Courses No Longer have requirement that ONE HAS TO BE DONE IN A CLASSROOM!!!! All Classes can be done ON-LINE!!!!   Students Daily Reports DO NOT HAVE TO BE MAINTAINED AT THEIR WORK STATIONS!!!!! It can be in Kit, Notebook, ect…  Just must be kept and Initialed daily by the INSTRUCTOR ONLY!!!!!  Home Salons can now have a bathroom that is located within the HOME!!!!!  Optional Preliminary On Site Visit for a “NEW SCHOOL that might be located in Meridian, MS”…   HAS BEEN DELETED…  Were just going to refer to that as “WHITMAN GATE”!!!!!! 

I will do a post letting everyone know once the new Rules are Regulations are available for you to print out….   OOOOoooH… FYI for SCHOOLS…   Be sure that your students are still sending in 2 passport photos “with their NAME printed on the back of them” with their application for examination or application for licensure…  We ALL received the letter from Former School Coordinator Tavia Thornton telling us we no longer had to do this and that the Board office will be using the PHOTOS that the student was uploading to PCS…  It’s not working like that…   The Board office does not have the capability to use the Photos that was uploaded with PCS..

NOW ON TO THE R.F.P.   The dreaded Request For Proposal for a TESTING VENDER…   When the old Board threw out Person Vue because of Leisa McElreath’s ties with N.I.C.  They entered into a 2 year agreement with PCS to handle the testing of our students.  Well that contract ends in December 2016 and our New Board wanted to get well ahead of the deadline so at this meeting they Approved the Final Draft of  a New R.F.P.   This draft now has to go through I.T.S and they will convert this draft into proper legal language and post it so that interested testing companies can submit a bid to provide testing services.   Hopefully this process will be concluded no later that June of 2016..   I feel confident that once this process has been completed this Board will be able to provide us with a consistent testing company….

Meeting adjourned at 2:02 p.m.


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  • by Ann Simmons Posted October 28, 2015 10:19 am

    So happy to see that common sense and rationale have once again take over….replacing the complete INSANITY and terrorism imposed by our previous Board. Praying that it can all be straightened out in a timely fashion without too much turmoil for those trying to maintain professionalism at Board. Thanks for all your hard work and thanks to Melvin for keeping us updated.

  • by Ann Simmons Posted October 28, 2015 10:24 am

    Just had a Student Instructor ask if new photos have to be sent in with every renewal or will the previous photos sent be acceptable?

  • by Heidi Posted October 28, 2015 4:03 pm

    Don’t like the bathroom accessible where bathroom is shared between occupants of home and salon when open. . . Sounds like trouble to me! Bedides that – YUK!

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