10/9/2015 Emergency Telephone Conference

On October 9, 2015 at 3:15 p.m. The Board of Cosmetology held an Emergency Telephone Conference call for the purpose of approving the FY 2017 Budget….

On the phone was Dorothy Ennis, Bertha Johnson, Darlene Smith, and Glenda Honeycutt.  At the Board office was Waylon Garrett, David Derrick ,and Jeff Jernigan along with                    Ms.  Derossette with Cornerstone Consultant and Myself…

All Board Members had received the full FY 2017 Budget via email…  Each Board Member was to look over it and voice any concerns prior to taking a final vote to approve.  Ms. Derossette answered questions and helped guide the Board in making any final adjustments. 

To give you a little insight, the current Fiscal Year which ends 6/2016, approved budget is for  $874,103.00…  The proposed FY 2017 Budget was for $898,376.00 which was a 2.7% increase over the prior year…  However, the Board voted to increase travel expenses by an additional $20,000.00 making the final FY 2017 Budget come in at $918,376.00…   The reason behind the increase in travel was because the current Board has plans of adding an additional inspector and with another inspector comes additional travel…

Keep in mind this is a proposed budget which does not mean that the Legislatures will approve the agency for this amount of funding…  Budget hearing will be going on in December and by January the Agency will know what it will be actually receiving for FY 2017..

Meeting adjourned at 3:58…   This was a good meeting  : )



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