5-19-2014 Telephone Conference

At 6:15 p.m. Monday May 19, 2014 the Mississippi State Board of Cosmetology Board Members held a telephone conference for the purpose to give final approval of the long awaited NEW RULES AND REGULATIONS…..

I was present with the new Board Attorney…..  Yes I said new Attorney… This is  the 4th attorney in less than 4 years…. There was also another attorney there who is representing  individuals who are  interested in opening a “Home Salon”…  I’m going to save my thoughts about this for a later BLOG….

The telephone conference started and all Board members participated.  Board President Kay Whitman started the meeting explaining to the other members that this final draft copy, that  some Board members just received a few hours earlier, was actually rule changes that they had previously voted on.  Dot Ennis immediately  stated to Kay that there were several rule changes that she did not agree on.  Dot and Waylon both stated that neither of them had time to read through this final compulation  of the RULES AND REGULATIONS…

The New Board Attorney, Jeff asked Kay if he could make a suggestion, Kay told him sure.  He suggested that the Board should consider setting a date for a an Oral Proceeding this way the public and or industry persons would have the opportunity to express any concerns or opinion.

Board President Kay Whitman immediately responded “No, If the public wants an oral proceeding let them ask for it“…… Tell me if it doesn’t look like Ms. Kay is trying to sweep something under the carpet.

Well, this is how it went…..  Kay asked for a motion to approve the rules and regulations.  Leisa and Shelly voted YES, Dot and Waylon voted NO….. And guess how Kay voted…  YES…. So the New Rules and Regulations was officially filed with the Secretary of State’s office 5/22/2014.

I currently have 40 plus letters signed by individuals requesting an oral proceeding.  The policy requires at least 10 written request constitutes a requirement for an oral proceeding.  I am reaching out to each individual to go to the Cosmetology Board Web site to print out their own copy of the New Rules and Regulations…   Web address is www.msbc.state.ms.us   When you open the web site scroll down and on the right side of the home page you will see the link for Rules and Regulations…  Be sure you have plenty of paper because it’s going to print 103 pages!!!!

I want to be honest I did sit in on most of the meetings as these rules and regulations were being updated and the Board did allow me to voice my opinion.  However like Dot and Waylon I have not had a chance to read this final draft… I just printed my set….  I do want everyone to pay attention to the 2.11, 2.12 and 2.13 this deals with RECIPROCITY….. And for all the school people PLEASE read Chapter 5: SCHOOLS

I hope to see everyone at the up coming MCSA workshop in Vicksburg, June 8 and 9, 2014…

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