9-3-2014 Telephone Conference…..

On Wednesday September 3, 2014 at 12:00 pm the Board of Cosmetology held an emergency telephone conference to discuss personnel matters.  I was unable to attended due to prior commitments however, Karoline Finch was present.  Karoline reported the following to me…

School Coordinator, Stephanie Boone-Owens, submitted her resignation effective 9/10/2014.  The Board voted to accept her resignation all members voted yes to accept….  Sandra Luckett, reciprocity and general information office person, submitted her letter of resignation effective 11/30/2014.  The Board also voted to accept with all members voting yes….  Can anyone guess who of the office staff that was employed when Cynthia Johnson was hired as Executive Director will still be working for the Board come December 31, 2014!!!!!!!! 

A motion was made by Dot Ennis that would require a background check on all new hire employees….  All Board members voted yes…

A motion was made by Teresa Whitman that all job postings, interviewing, hiring, and firing of all future Board employees will be the  responsibility of Executive Director Cynthia Johnson…   Dot and Waylon voted NO…. Teresa and Shelly voted YES…. and Board President broke the tie by voting YES….  The Three Amigos have now stripped the BOARD members from any hiring or firing of BOARD office employees…  Can you believe this??   And we all know that before Cynthia Johnson hires  one employee she will have to run it by Leisa before they are hired…..  This is some of the meetings before the actual Board meetings that goes on behind closed doors in Cynthia Johnsons office each month….  The Person who is running all the employees off is now the only person in charge of hiring the new ones…. 

Save the best for last…. A motion was made to remove the instructor requirement from the School Coordinators position.   I know that you already know the vote count but going to give it to you anyways….  Dot and Waylon voted NO….  Teresa and Shelly voted YES…. and Board President Leisa McElreath broke the tie with a YES…. vote……  

As if the removal of  Rule 2.8 was not enough of a slap in the face, the Board  or should I say The Three Amigos, is now down grading the School Coordinator  position to nothing more that a clerical  position.   When will enough be enough?????????

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  • by Ann Simmons Posted September 8, 2014 4:06 pm

    You already know how I feel about this joke of an administration – just further proof of their insane decisions. Has anyone advised them that if they destroy our industry, they’ll all be unemployed???? I have to stop now and pray, before I get myself into a ton of trouble. One last thing, I am SO glad that Stephanie is leaving – she is just as incompetent as the one who hired her.

  • by Marie Butler Posted September 8, 2014 4:54 pm

    Thank you Karoline for attending this meeting. Lord what a train wreck!

  • by Heidi Riley Posted September 8, 2014 11:25 pm

    I sure would love to be a school coordinator… toooooooooo bad they don’t pay more!!!

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