Agency Updated July 24, 2017

We have 2 New Board Members and a New Executive Director…   Mr Donald Vaughn took his seat at the Board table at the June 26, 2017 Board Meeting and Ms Debbie Cooker will be taking her seat at the Board table during the upcoming July 31, 2017 meeting…   We have gained 2 very successful and knowledgeable individuals to the Board room and I know for myself, I am looking forward to what they will bring to the Agency.

Last week I had the PLEASURE of meeting Ms. Sharon Clark, the Agency’s New Executive Director.. I went to talk with her about the NEW LAW changes concerning the NEW 1000 hour Instructor Program.  I wanted to let her know that the schools will be needing an official letter that we can provide to our Accrediting Agency as well as the U.S. Department of Education..  Keep in mind we are not allowed to fund this new 1000 hour Instructor program until you have both Accrediting Approval and Department of Education approval..   The biggest change that I noticed at the Agency was that it had been DE-CLUTTERED!!!!  I talked with Ms. Sharon on Thursday and on Friday. She did explain to me that the schools should be getting their letters this week..  She was thinking ahead of the game saying let me get these letters to the schools before they call me asking for them.. That’s what I’m talking about!!!!!

For the schools that are NACCAS Accredited, make sure you download the State Mandated Change form from the NACCAS website..  Below I am attaching the Statutes and the Rules and Regulation changes that apply to the new 1000 hour Instructor program…  You will need to submit these documents to NACCAS and the U.S. Department of Education as well.


Statutes for 1000 hr Instructor Courses

Executive Director Sharon Clark asked that I share the following information with you….   The MS State Board of Cosmetology has completed conversion from the old licensing system to the NEW LICENSING system.  License are being mailed out daily…. If you receive a license WITHOUT your new passport photo and you would like the new photo on your license, you can call the Office at 601-359-1820 and request your new photo be added.  They will resend your license with the new photo. 

It is my understanding with the New Licensing system, the agency can process between 300-400 licenses per week and it is one of the Agency’s goals to have a system that would allow you to come by the Agency, pay for your renewal, and walk out the door with your license.. 


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  • by Ann Simmons Posted July 24, 2017 4:56 pm

    Alleluia – Glory to God!!!! We finally have some answers and resolutions to problems!!!!!

  • by Ann Simmons Posted August 16, 2017 3:05 pm

    Again, THANK YOU, MELVIN, for all your time and efforts. I truly don’t know where we would be without you…..

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