Annual Council Meeting

On September 22, 2013 the Mississippi Cosmetology Council held it’s annual meeting.  I am sure like myself most of you might not be aware that this council is established through the legislative laws that governs the Cosmetology industry.  The Mississippi Cosmetology Council is comprised of the 5 Cosmetology Board members, and  5 elected delegates from the following associations:  Mississippi Cosmetology Association, Mississippi Cosmetology School Association,  Mississippi Beauticians Association, and, School Owners and Teachers Associations.  During this annual meeting the Cosmetology Board members are to receive and consider for adoption recommendations for rules and regulations, school curriculum, and related matters.

I must say that with almost 30 years in the school business I did not realize the importance of this Council.  I was very disappointed at the conversations that I listened to at the meeting.  Association delegates were very unprepared for the meeting.  For those of you who are not a member of one of the four associations I strongly urge you to become one.  For those of you who are a member I strongly recommend that you become a very vocal and active member.  Each association MUST make time at each of their meetings to have open discussion about things they feel that could be done to improve our profession.  Your delegate members are then  suppose to carry your requests to the annual council meeting for consideration.



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