April 20, 2015 Board Meeting….

Since April 27, 2015 is celebrated as  Confederate Memorial Day, the Board of Cosmetology held its monthly meeting Monday April 20, 2015…   This meeting was the Board’s first meeting with it’s new Executive Director, David Derrick….   All Board members were present. Sherry Prather of Booneville Academy of Cosmetology was also present.

A letter from ITS (Information Technology Services) to PCS (Professional Credential Services)was read.   This letter appeared to be in reference to the training session that PCS held which PCS indicated that there were some individuals that disrupted the session…  Which was basically a bunch of BS….   The so called trainers from NIC were the ones that were VERY disrespectful to all of US…   Im not going to give this topic much more of my time right now as I will be making a SPECIAL Blog Posting strictly to update everyone on PCS…..

The Board approved meeting minutes for December 2014, March 2015, and for telephone conference April 2015…  There were only 2 request for Duplicate Licenses…  The Board was given copies of the agencies  Budget for FY 2014, 2015 and 2016…. Executive Director, David Derrick also shared with the Board his concerns on conflicting score reports on a particular student who tested with PCS…  The student in question was listed both as having passed and failed her practical examination on the same day…  Mr. Derrick stated that he had left several messages for PCS management to return his call but as of today he had heard back from PCS…  Mr. Derrick also stated that he was unable to certify students for examination because he did not have any authorization codes from PCS YET!!!!!!

Around 10:45 the Board went into Executive Session to discuss a Special Candidate and Personnel matters….   The Executive Session lasted until around 12:45 at which time the Board took Public Comments…

Sherry Prather addressed the Board with her concerns with PCS…. She shared with the Board about a student that failed her practical examination but based upon the information on the student’s scoring report, the student’s lowest grade was above 70….  Sherry stated that when she contacted PCS she was basically given the run around…  PCS stated that they did not score the examination.. that process was done by NIC..  Sherry asked for a telephone number for someone that she could talk with at NIC…  PCS responded that they could not provide her with a contact number for NIC..  Sherry also stated that she was told that the student “probably touched her face” during the procedure which would be an automatic failure….. PCS excuses are like a broken record… 

I know that the Board asked that PCS to this meeting….   But no one from PCS was there so maybe during the May meeting we can get some answers… 



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  • by Heidi Riley Posted May 5, 2015 4:14 pm

    touched her face… omg! what if I pushed up my glasses on my face??? if she picked her nose I could see that… but touched her face. I guess I better not be slapping my knees when anything funny happens in the salon…
    This may not be a popular thought… but I didn’t have any problems when students were being tested by the state board members… and to be quite frank, my passage rate was not as good then… but I felt like they were tested and tested fairly… [FYI: just to clarify – It wasn’t bad though -LOL]

  • by Ann Simmons Posted May 6, 2015 8:38 am

    All we can do is pray that the mess from the previous Board of Terror gets resolved as quickly as possible…..this is making all of our outcomes a freaking mess! I am also praying that DOE and all of our accreditation boards will take all of this mess into consideration regarding our annual reports…..

    Thanks, Melvin, for your diligence…….

  • by Lacey Posted May 26, 2015 8:25 pm

    Hello Everyone,
    Does anyone know when the reciprocity office will have someone in it to process request, and if they are doing away with the interview? I am trying to transfer my license from Alabama with no luck. This is causing hardship on me and my family! Any advice?

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