August 18, 2014 Special Call Meeting

A “Special Call Meeting” was held today for the purpose of:  Review of a New School Inspections, Employee Interviews and Review of Rules and Regulations…..

Dorothy Ennis was out today due to having a scheduled doctors appointment.  Prior to the opening of the meeting Waylon Garrett asked all of the Board members why no one had bothered to respond to the e-mail that he sent them Friday evening.  Waylon was very upset because he had sent out an e-mail to all of the Board member on Friday and apparently none of the members bother to respond.  Each had given him some type of BRUSH OFF answer.  Board attorney Jeff Jernigan told Waylon that he did not think that Waylon wanted him to reply as his e-mail was just a CC  attachment….  This is just another example of Board Members having little to no respect for their fellow members!!!!!

New schools that were approved to open was Aprils Main Hair Academy in Moss Point and Infinity Career College in Gulfport.

The Board then went into Executive Session to do interviews for new office personal.  This lasted from 9:30 – 12:30……   The Board came out of Executive Session and then took a lunch break form 12:40 – 1:40….

When the Board resumed at 1:45 it was SUSPRISE, SUSPRISE, SUSPRISE…..I had my nice little HANDYCAM recorder in position and recorded the last half of the meeting which dealt with Rules and Regulations Review.  David Derrick and Karoline Finch were present… Board attorney  Jeff Jernigan took the lead during this review process.  He incorporated the public comments made during the oral proceedings as well as comments made by a “SHE”????   I know I was very confused every time he made the statement “She Wants Us to Look Over Rule 2.4” or whatever rule may  be the case.  I finally looked over and David to ask was “SHE” meaning “LEISA”…… He and I both agreed that Leisa had given the Attorney her own personal list of rules that she wanted to make changes too….. My point here is that Leisa has every right to voice her opinions during this process….  It just seemed shady the way  it was presented through the attorney…. In SOME cases Leisa is the VOICE of reason when debating the rules and regulations.   Jeff  also incorporated a list of concerns left by Dorothy Ennis.

The Board managed to go through rules 1-4 but left the HOT TOPIC for when all the Board members would be present to deliberate….  This is dealing with the licensing of a Salon….  Certain members of our Board feel the need for a Salon to be licensed as a Full or Partial Service. 

There is 2 sides to this argument….  I get it, if a salon wants to be licensed to do just Nails or just Aesthetics or just Hair….    But the part I don’t get is that if the salon wants to do Hair and Aesthetics then they have to purchase 2 licenses……   That’s just WRONG….. As a school our licenses are not charge by the different programs we choose to teach!!!!!!   Well, Dot and Waylon think the same as most of us out there….   However Leisa, Teresa and Shelly think different…..   This is all because they did not get their fee increases this past year…..   READ MY BLOG….  NO FEE INCREASES….   Are they really that crazy?? What license holder votes to increase there own licensing fees…. We are already spending close to a MILLION dollars a year to run this AGENCY….  And we still get HALF ASS SERVICE….  How much more do they need….. With the Board there will never be enough…  We can only hope that April 1 will bring new appointments to this Board…   If anyone out there knows of someone that would make a good Board member Please contact me ASAP at 601-372-9800 and I will assist them in the process of making application……


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  • by Heidi Riley Posted August 29, 2014 3:22 pm

    i use to want to be one… but not now… ugh.

  • by Guess who Posted August 30, 2014 8:28 pm

    The legislators should not give them anything until some of them are gone, gone, gone. Sounds like they don’t know what they are doing, including the lawyer.

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