August 31, 2015 Regular Board Meeting

On Monday August 31, 2015 the Board held it’s regular meeting.   All Board members and Legal council were present.  According to the agenda the Board was holding interviews later today for the following positions.  Director V “School Coordinator” and Beauty/Barber Inspector Senior…  This position was created by previous Executive Director Cynthia Johnson so that she would have some one in the office to handle the violations that were being written up by the inspectors…  Yes, there is hundred if not thousand of violations piled up at the Cosmetology Board office waiting to be processed for hearings… This is some of the old Board and Administration bull shit of writing as many violations as they could to generate money for the agency and the office would do the paper work…  Well the inspectors did what they were told to do but the former Executive Director did not follow through with processing them….  I swear, based upon the uncovered NIGHTMARES in that office, I know exactly why the Board received her resignation…. She knew it was just a matter of time before the SNOW BALL hit her where the sun doesn’t shine, well maybe it does…. Do we really care?? NO!!! Just glad she is gone…

I know there seems to be a lot of complaints in the air right now but Hell there was a lot of complaints every day with the OLD BOARD and OLD EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR…. This NEW BOARD and NEW EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR can not fix the 4 years of CORRUPT ACTIVITIES, POOR DECISSION MAKING, TOTAL STUDPIDITY, AND DISREGUARD FOR THE BETTERMENT OF OUR PROFESSION in 6 short months.  It’s going to take time to put this agency back on track…  This has been difficult for us all but by going through this process a better/stronger agency will EMERG!!!!

I requested to be on this months agenda so that I could get a better understanding of the following:  1.  When someone files a complaint, are they kept informed of the investigation…  Several members of the Board indicated that they should be.  The Board asked Executive Director David Derrick to make sure that the office had a policy in place to make sure that the complainant would be kept informed.  2.  Why is the inspectors writing violations for things that can be easily taken care of during the inspection?  Example a dirty towel laying on the station..  The Board responded that the Inspectors should not write violations for things that could be fixed/corrected during the inspections.  The Board further stated that they planed to have the Inspectors present during the September Board Meeting so that they could discuss this with them.. 

The Board invited Mr. Buddy Sharp for a meeting to discuss measures for improving or updating the current software programs used by the Agency.  Mr. Sharp has a company that the Agency has a contract with to maintain the Computer Hardware for the Agency.  Mr. Sharp does not deal with the Computer Software but told the Board that he would be happy to work with Executive Director David Derrick to determine what would be necessary in upgrading the Computer Software based upon the direction the Board would like to take the Agency.

Mr.  Sharp did state that the current Software was purchased many years ago and was last updated in early 2008.  He further stated that the current Computer Software had been updated as much as it possibly can.  The Board stated that they would like to invest in NEW SOFTWARE…  They further stated that they would like to see Software that would allow for individuals to go on line to do their Licensing Renewals.   The Board approved for Mr. Sharp to work with Executive Director David Derrick to determine the NEEDS of the new Computer Software as well as Estimated Cost to be presented at the September Board meeting…  YEAH!!!!

During this Board Meeting the Board approved meeting minutes for the following meetings…. May 18, 2015 through August 2, 2015

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  • by GLENDA HONEYCUTT Posted October 12, 2015 5:10 pm

    Thank you for letting public know how hard we are working to get a lot of old problems taken care of . As well as trying to improve agency.

  • by Heidi Posted October 13, 2015 12:34 am

    Missed this. . . Glad you are back. Looking forward to Sept post.
    Any word on new test or new rules regs?

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