Board Meeting 11/25/13

The first portion, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., of the meeting was spent on Duplicate License Request…..   Practitioners requesting a duplicate copy of their licenses apparently has been a BOOMING business here in Mississippi…  The Board has adopted new rules for this growing practice, one portion of the rules now requires you to sit before the Board and explain to them why you need a duplicated set of your license…. Yes you will hear every story and the Board does not automatically issue a duplicate just because you request it.

There still needs to be some work done on this process as I see a lot of people who truly needed a duplicate license having to take a day off from work which is not fair..  The honest is being punished because of the cheaters.. I hope as this process weeds out the cheaters some additional rules will be considered help the honest.

Cynthia Johnson presented a question on  behalf of a school owner, the owner was not identified…. Question:  I have some graduates from a school which has recently closed that are needing either assistance or brush up hours.  If my school provides assistance or brush up hours to them so that they may re-test and if they fail will that failure count on my pass/fail ratio????           PLEASE         PLEASE        PLEASE !!!!   How selfish a school owner.  When a school closes usually it is felt by many in the community and part of what makes a good school owner is wanting to give back to the community.  It’s not the student’s fault their school closed  but I would feel that as a school owner you would want to help those students any possible way you could… Especially since you re-opened a school in the building in which their school closed..       It’s not always about the rates, sometimes it’s about doing the right thing!!!!

The Board also mentioned that they wanted to host a meeting for the schools.  This meeting is initially being set up to review with the schools the new forms and procedure at the Board office.  However it also going to be a good time to go over the newly drafted rules and regulation as well as what is going on with our Written/Practical Testing..  Every one needs to keep a check on the Cosmetology Board Web site.  I personally check it daily, keeps me updated on any special meetings..  Also on their web site there is a tab for rules and regulations from there you can print them out… Currently they still have the 7/1/13 set up but should have the 11/1/13 up real soon, please print these out and READ them.  The meeting will probably be in February 2013 and will be your time to voice your opinion.

The Board did approve some on-line continuing education hours which can be found at the following site  You also may know that Milady has some Board approved on-line course as well.

January, February and March of 2014 is going to be very busy at the Board.  Please do your best come to the Board Hosted Meeting.  Will reach out to everyone as soon as I find out the date……





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  • by Marie Butler Posted December 1, 2013 2:03 pm

    Thank you for the information couldn’t make the meeting appreciate u so much

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