Instructor Training


At Academy of Hair Design, students in our Instructor Training course are taught the latest entry-level methods of teaching and preparation of practical and academic classes. Students must also learn record keeping and school administration. Upon licensing, an instructor may work as an instructor in any Mississippi state licensed school and/or instruct in seminars, workshops, conventions as well as continuing educational classes.


8 months of continuous training is required which will consist of a maximum of 30 hrs/week. There shall be a minimum total accumulation of 1000 (clock) hours. This program is offered at our Grenada, Pearl, and Hattiesburg campuses which are licensed by the Mississippi State Board of Cosmetology.

Course of Study

  • Observation Academic and Skill
  • The Professional Teacher
  • Student Motivation and Learning
  • Testing and Evaluation
  • Method’s, Management and Materials
  • Cosmetology Law, Rules, and Regulations

Graduation Requirements

Students must successfully complete 1000 hours as designated by the Mississippi State Board of Cosmetology. Student must complete all assigned credits, complete all assigned projects, pass all tests with a minimum 85% average, and pass pre-state examination. Please see rule and regulations for further details.

State Examination

Graduates must complete application with the Mississippi State Board of Cosmetology for approval to take written and practical exams.

Tuition & Fees

  • Tuition: $12,000
  • Registration: $100
  • Books: $450

Total: $12,550

Please Note: students are required to pay registration fee on or before the first day of class. Tuition and fee rates, which are established annually by the Academy, are subject to change without notice. Effective 07/01/2022. Academy of Hair Design utilizes the following methods of payment: Federal Pell Grant, Federal Direct Subsidized and Un-Subsidized Stu­dent Loans, VA Educational Benefits, Check, Money Order and or/Cash. Tuition and fee rates, which are established annually by the Acad­emy, are subject to change without notice. In the event of default on any monthly installment, after a period of ten (10) days, a delinquency charge not exceeding 5% of the past due installment or $5 (whichever is less) may be collected by the school. For the most updated information, please contact the Corporate Office at (601) 372-9800.