February 22, 2016 Regular Board Meeting

Todays Board meeting was moved up a week due to the PCS workshop being held next Monday February 29, 2016…  All Board members except Glenda Honeycutt was present.

Today the Board had 14 visitors!!!!! Yayyy!!

At 9:04 the Board opened the Oral proceeding for proposed rule change on Rule 2.15 Postsecondary School of Cosmetology – Eligibility…  There were no public comments…  However, Board Attorney Jeff Jernigan presented the Board with some changes that he felt could be updated….  I asked the Board to consider tabling Jeff’s recommendation because the current purposed rule has been sent to the USDE for approval and I didn’t feel we needed to make any changes at this time… Jeff had not a problem with re-visiting his recommendations once the USDE sent their response…  The Board tabled any changes on Rule 2.15 at this time…

The Board gave their approval for Ms. Reba Roy’s Education Plus Seminar to be held May 1st & 2nd at Pearl River Resort in Philadelphia….

The Board gave approval to Ms. Kathy Tollison for the Mississippi Cosmetology School Association’s upcoming workshop for June 5th & 6th in Tupelo…..

The Board approved Ms. Anita Jamison for SOTA, School Owners and Teachers Association, upcoming Methods of Teaching workshop on April 10 @ the Jackson Medical Mall

The Board also approved JC’s Beauty Supply upcoming hair show April 3rd & 4th in Hattiesburg…

It was made official at today’s Board meeting that Kathy Tollison has purchased Vaughn’s Beauty College in Aberdeen.  The Board waived the initial inspection and told Kathy to contact Mr. David Derrick when she was ready to schedule her final inspection… Vaughn’s Beauty College opened in 1956!!!  Congrats Kathy!!!!

FYI……….. PCS sent notice to the Board that NIC has made changes to its written and practical exams..  HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!!!  The changes were provided to the Board along with a request for a date that they could implement the new changes…  The Board agreed to tell PCS they would not consider any changes until after 12/31/2016…  Remember, PCS’s contract ends 12/31/2016!!!!!

I need everyone to do something for our Industry….   Google Professional Beauty Association… I myself have never heard of them, but plan on getting to know them…. So check them out…..   Be sure that you click on the top tab that states “Advocacy” then scroll down the page and click on “State Captains” BIG SUPRISE!!!!!   Figure that one out!!!!  She is like a piece of gum on the bottom of your shoe!!!!!




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  • by Hhmmmmmmm! Posted February 25, 2016 4:34 pm

    More like a cow patty! Karma definitely has her work cut out for her on this one!

  • by Ann Simmons Posted February 26, 2016 10:05 am

    From what I read, I’m assuming that the problem with our Postsecondary Eligibility will be settled very soon? Is there anything else we can do to expedite it? Our Title IV Eligibility expires next month and I have applied for eligibility for a new program so need to know that this will not be another holdup from our previous “reign of terror”…..our prior Board. I, like many others, assumed that this simple task had been taken care of years ago. What a nightmare and, even worse, that their ignorance continues to haunt as all months after their overdue demise.
    I looked up the State Captain for Mississippi on the Professional Beauty Association website….it’s much worse than a piece of gum on our shoe…..much more like dung. After causing so much damage to our industry with ignorance and arrogance, I would be extremely embarassed to even show my face in anything association related to it. But, ignorance is bliss they say……I just pray that she doesn’t cause any more turmoil that reflects and/or effects us all.

  • by Just Saying Posted March 5, 2016 6:31 pm

    If it looks and quakes like a duck, it must be a duck.

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