January 27, 2014 Regular Board Meeting…

During the regular 1/27/2014 State Board of Cosmetology Meeting….  Board Attorney Margarette Meeks announced that this would be her last meeting with the Board of Cosmetology.  She stated that in December she had requested a transfer to another agency and her transfer has come through?????   Well the REIGN of Margarette Meeks has come to an end!!!!!!!!  All I have to say to WHOM ever is responsible THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

The Board of Cosmetology also has a new School Coordinator….   Stephanie Boone-Owens…  Does anyone know how she got this job?????   For those of us who have worked with Stephanie we know what a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” she can be…  All I have to say about this is WATCH OUT CYNTHIA JOHNSON!!!!!!!  

The Board spent the first part of the day meeting with individuals who have requested a duplicate license.  Boy I  will be glad when this process gets streamed lined.  After the duplicate license request was completed the new school coordinator gave her report on her recent file review… the following areas of concern were noted:

Enrolling students without proper education….. Enrollment information not being sent in a timely manner….Hours on final transcripts not matching the hours on the monthly reports…

memo is suppose to be going out to schools about these problems.  The most serious of all is the fact the schools would be enrolling students without proper education. This is VERY SERIOUS..  If you have a student who enrolls and you are unsure then you should always fax a copy of that educational certificate/transcript into the Board office (601-354-6639) for approval prior to letting the student start classes.  I make it a policy to request approval on anything other than a local high school diploma or state of Mississippi G.E.D.

Finch was on the Board agenda. She wanted the Board to weigh in on their thoughts to about the use of a SCALPEL for dermaplaning…..  I did not feel as if there were any clear thoughts given on this issue….  Post a comment for me on this if you have any feedback or thoughts……

Karoline also brought up a suggestion to allow for dirty, wet, or soiled towels be stored in a non-solid container.  Karoline stated that the wet towels in a solid container will often start to sour or even mold if not wash immediately…… Post a comment for me on this too if you have any feedback or thoughts….

The Board also approved the Continuing Education Classes hosted by MCSA for June 8 & 9 2014 to be held at the Vicksburg Convention Center…..


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  • by hairtchr Posted February 6, 2014 12:57 pm

    Mr. Calton,
    As always, thank you for keeping us HONESTLY informed! As far as Margarette Meeks leaving the Board (whether by her choice or someone else’s), I can hear the Angels singing….. HALLELUJAH!!!!!! However, I do feel sorry for the new Board Attorney and the mess that this person will have to deal with coming in behind Ms. Meeks. NEW SCHOOL COORDINATOR….. YES, I know her and all I can say is…………..hmmmm (I was always told, “If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all”.) I find it hard to believe that there are problems with schools enrolling students with unacceptable education and Final Reports hours not matching up with Monthly Hour reports. It has been my understanding that Cynthia Johnson (Executive Director) has been doing the School Coordinator’s job, and the reason for not hiring someone for this position is because Mrs. Johnson has been “auditing” this department….! You would think someone with Mrs. Johnson’s expertise would not allow things like this to happen! GO FIGURE!!!
    Again, thanks for keeping us informed.

  • by Heidi Riley Posted July 26, 2014 12:03 am

    a scalpel is basically just like a razor… I was told by one of the MCA educators that I did not need to use one like she was demonstrating for an Esthetics Education program for MCA because I shave my face with a razor [oops did i say that outloud – damned hormones!] Anyway, the only difference I would guess would be the caution of using a free edge not encased like a safety razor???
    As for the wet towels… I’d say not a container like those sold at walmart that a mouse could squeeze through, but those that have air vents the size of a small drill bit would likely be okay… [they do know we open the lids occasionally don’t they???]

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