June 16, 2014 “Special Call Board Meeting”

On June 16, 2014 a “Special Call Board Meeting”  started at 12:30 p.m..   The topics for discussion were:  Budget, Personnel Issues and Oral Proceedings

Budget:   My best understanding of this topic is that the Boards requested 2014-2015 budget was cut from $892,000.00 to $843,000.00, yes a difference of $49,000.00.  Cynthia Johnson had a brief written summary of the expenses that made up the 2014-2015 budget I was not offered a copy of it”, but stated that she would have a complete final budget for the Board to see by 7-21-2014.  This also a date that has been set aside for the Board to have additional hearings.

The statement made that caught my attention was when Cynthia Johnson told the Board that as of to date the Board has only collected some $600,000.00 in fees and finds…  Keep in mind the Boards year end is 6-30-2014.

Waylon Garrett stated that he felt that the Board needed to be cautious when spending money on Board members monitoring show and events.  Waylon stated the in most cases one Board member could more than handle the sign in and out sheets for the events.  Waylon also stated that to make it fair the Board members could alternate the shows and events that are being monitored

Leisa McElreath stated that it was obvious that FEES AND FINES WOULD HAVE TO BE INCREASED….  Dot Ennis stated that there needs to be an audit to see how much each Board member is charging the Board Agency in travel and expenses.

My thoughts on this is that the Board needs to make some necessary cut backs.  I don’t know of a single school that has not been forced to make cut backs this year.  Enrollment is down across the board and most schools are having to make cut backs.  What makes the Board members exempt for doing the same.  The Board has spent way to much money for out of state travel for Board members and Board employees.  Why throw the burden of these expenses on the license holders, who are already suffering in this economical down turn.  The Board MUST Take Responsibility And Not Just Opt To Raise Fees And Fines!!!!!!

Oral Proceedings:  The Board has set a date for the Oral Proceedings on the newly revised Rules and Regulations.  This date is Monday 7-28-2014 at 2:00 p.m.  Please make arrangements to be at the Board office for this date….  If you have not printed out the New Rules and Regulations please do so and have your items of concern highlighted for this meeting…..YOUR VOICE DOES COUNT!!!!!!!

Personnel  Issues:  Not a lot that I can say about this issue because the Board voted to go into Executive Session to discuss this matter.  I will go so far as to say that with all the talk about most of the inspectors retiring I feel certain this is or should be at the top of personnel issues.

Yes, we are going to miss Ms. Deanie Allen, Ms. Sara Kale and Ms. Eva Ray.  You know there has to be something very wrong when 3 inspectors all put in for retirement with in weeks of each other!!!!!!!!!



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  • by Robin Carr Posted June 23, 2014 12:38 pm

    I sure appreciate the update in blogs you report on. Having not been able to attend the meetings for quite a while now all I have to go on is what I see around me and of course rumour mill – I had heard about the inspectors and frankly doesn’t surprise me at all! Like the other businesses I’ve seen lately, when the controlling figures are shady and not doing their job for the right reasons , we start seeing the conscientious employees , the caring constant employees end up quitting, retiring, or getting “laid off”

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