March 30, 2015 Regular Board Meeting


On Monday March 30, 2015, the Board held it’s first meeting will the NEWLY Appointed Board Members ….   All Board members were present plus Shelly…  So you could say the we had a full Board plus one..   Actually Shelly’s appointment did not end until 4/7/2015…  It was a little awkward for just a minute but Shelly was VERY gracious and supportive of the new Board.  Since Shelly was present Glenda Honeycutt could participate but was not allowed to vote…

Shelly called the meeting to order…  A motion was made to hold  elections for interim officers …  Some where in the HIDDEN book of policy and procedures the Board votes for new officers every June and since the Board does not have a President or Vice-President they needed to vote today on an Interim President and Interim Vice-President…   The Board Unanimously Voted Waylon Garrett as President and Dot Ennis as Vice-President…

At 10:30 a motion was made to see if there was a need to go into Executive Session for personnel matters.  When the Board reported out of the Executive Session the following personnel matters were handled….   David Derrick was offered and accepted the position as the Executive Director and the following employees were terminated;  Shenike Gathrite, she handled Reciprocity, Permits and New Salon applications, Tavia Thornton, School Coordinator, and Courtney Smith, School and Student Records….  Contrary to what was put out there not all office employees were fired…   Evelyn Butler, Receipts, Affidavits and Certifications, Deborah Marsaw, Account & Purchasing, and Letisha Jenkins, Licensing all are still employed…  SO ONLY HALF THE OFFICE STAFF LOST THEIR JOBS……

Creations College of Cosmetology in Tupelo Mississippi submitted it’s official letter of closing effective July 1, 2015…  Creations will be missed and It’s my understanding that Ms. Carolyn Kennedy Bowen after many, many years of helping to shape, mold, and improve our wonderful profession of Cosmetology, will be retiring..  I personally want to wish her a VERY HAPPY AND WONDERFUL RETIREMENT….

The Board broke for an hour lunch break…  When the break was over Shelly announced that she would be leaving…  Shelly called me a rascal and reached to shake my hand. I stood up and hugged her neck…   Shelly will be missed, she did always speak to me which is more than I can say for some of other members…   The BOARD FROM HELL IS GONE!!!!! 

TESTING….   Karoline Finch from Mississippi Institute, and Sherri Gillis from Magnolia College both reported to the Board that they had some Nail Tech students that had failed their practical examinations. In both cases when reviewing their students score sheets there was nothing  that appeared to be deficient enough to justify a failure.  Sherri shared an email from Matt Levy of PCS basically stating that they were in the process of re-scoring students practical examinations because it appears to be a GLITCH in the system so at this time they are not sure of the actual scores that have been given to the students…….  If you have any additional information on PRACTICAL TESTING please leave a comment to share with everyone… 

POST-SECONADARY status printed on your school licenses UPDATE…..  The following is the process to ensure that your school gets it’s Post-Secondary recognition…   If you want to just wait until your renewal then you will just need to submit along with your school renewal the notarized affidavit that ensures your school is in compliance with rule 2.16…  If you would like for your school licenses to show your Post-Secondary status NOW you will need to do the affidavit along with the Duplicate Licenses request… Be sure to state on the Duplicate Licenses request that you are requesting it because you are wanting your Post-Secondary Status on your licenses…  I would also attach a copy of your renewal…. You will need to send $10.00 for the Duplicate Licenses…   The Affidavit is not yet on the Boards web site so you can contact me and I will be happy to fax one to you…..

Well this pretty much sums up the FIRST meeting. But I would like to add that I dropped by the Board office the other day and PLEASE everyone be patient…. the entire office is in A MESS…  Another year of running the office as it had been run for the past three years and we would probably be without an AGENCY…   Mr. Derrick has a lot of MESS to CLEAN up and some employees who lost their job made sure there was an even BIGGER MESS left for someone to have to CLEAN up….


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  • by Ann Simmons Posted April 13, 2015 1:01 pm

    Just so glad and grateful that the Board from Hell is truly gone now – my heart breaks for all of our graduates who lost prospective jobs because of the turmoil they caused, all without any care or concern for these hard-working students (many of whom are single mothers). The former Board had no concern whatsoever that these grads went without a livelihood to supposed themselves and their families (heartbreaking stories). I just continue to pray that the unnecessary delays and the absolute rudeness and unconcern they exhibited during their “reign of terror” doesn’t frustrate the grads to the point of giving up on this profession. As all of you know, this mess has very adversely affected all of the reports we are all required to make to the Department of Ed and to our accreditation boards. Hopefully, since I have tried to keep them updated on all the delays, they will extend grace on our numbers and delays…….
    I am truly appalled at the behavior of what are supposed to be professional adults and want to thank all of you who stayed on top of the situation until it was finally rectified. Your hard work and dedication is not unnoticed and is very much appreciated. You saved us from absolute destruction…..and probably saved me from jail because, if I had gotten just one more phone call from a frustrated grad, I may have been arrested for the things I wanted to say to them…

  • by Heidi Riley Posted April 13, 2015 6:51 pm

    Shelly was just being nice when she called you a “Rascal”… LOL
    I just want to offer my time on the weekend to help in any way I can if there is a need in Jackson. I’ve got free “room and board” down that way and will be glad to work 6 to 8 hours if needed on a Sat or 4-6 hours on a Sunday. [I have to allow time for family visits to qualify for the “free B&B” lol. ]
    I had one student that took her Practical board today [04/13/15] She said it would be 2 days before she hears anything… she seemed okay with the test – hope she it correct! She’s my first to go.
    I just think that test needs to be trimmed down – way too much on it. For Example: If we just had one Relaxer part, would that not also cover the other three similar parts [other relaxer & 2 colors] … I mean if you can do the placement for 1, surely you can do the placement for all the others… I’m not big on the manicure being included. Good grief… do your students not do a thousand manicures in school… seems like mine do! Do not see what the examiners can get out of what the students are required to do… other than follow exam directions. It’s nothing like a real manicure… at least just do ONE finger – whole hand??? if you can do 1, you can do 5… Well, I have work to do… been fun venting – OH and major KUDOS to Creations and Carolyn Kennedy Bowen as well as the other instructors that worked along side her for so long!! I’ve always felt I could call on them at any time!
    Y’all take care and can’t wait to see y’all at MCSA/IP Biloxi!!!

  • by Sue Bearden Posted April 15, 2015 10:12 am

    We had our first student test on Monday April 13th and she said it was “HELL”. The test was from 1p until 6p with no bathroom breaks, no lunch break. Some of the proctors were rude to the students. She stated that some of the instructions were not clear as to what was expected from them. I agree with Heide there is too much on the test. I also agree the manicure is not necessary. Just wanted to add my five cents and that I really think we need to re-evaluate what we are testing our students on, is it safety and sanitation or on basic skills that are required to make a living in our profession? Don’t misunderstand me safety and sanitation are also important.

  • by Heidi Riley Posted April 15, 2015 2:51 pm

    my student passed, but I have yet to talk to her one-on-one… as far as what I said earlier: retouches/virgin appl/ etc… those are simply “PLACEMENTS” I can teach a 4th grader how to place product. So my point is, why not just have one “PLACEMENT” part and vary to directions from day to day… all you are really evaluating is that the student can follow rules of “1/4 off scalp up to 1″ from ends” – the next test just say, “you are to do a V-appl where the product will be placed no more than 1″ off scalp…” 4 different ones are not necessary! I may offend someone, but what else is new… All this crap happened when the MSBC quit testing our students. I think better testing was done then and better qualified “examiners” were used then… even if they were not instructors… at least they were not 2 months out of school [I don’t really know that… so sorry if I offend].

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