Mississippi Cosmetology Council Meeting 2/19/2017

On February 19, 2017 The Mississippi Cosmetology Council held it’s first meeting for 2017.  This meeting was held at the State Capitol and started at 1:03 p.m.    All associations were represented. 

Council President Waylon Garrett updated the group with our current status to our proposed legislative changes.  To make clear sense of what is really happening Mr. Garrett invited Senator Sally Doty to speak.   Senator Doty is also the Senator that authored Senate Bill 2817 which specifically included the legislative updates that the Cosmetology Board requested.

Senator Doty explained to the Council that the House also submitted a bill which is House Bill 464… This bill was submitted strictly to extend the agencies authority to operate from July 1, 2017 through July 1, 2020… Senator Doty explained that it was better to just let her bill die in committee so that when the House sends their bill over to the Senate she would just add the updates that she had put in her original bill…   I have been following this process and as of today 3/6/2017, what Senator Doty has said has taken place and House Bill 464 is currently in the Senate with Senator Doty’s amendments added.  Next step is to send House Bill 464 back to the House..  Now it’s just a wait and see GAME!!!!

Council President/Cosmetology Board President, Waylon Garrett provided updates that were going on at the Cosmetology Agency.  He told the group that the agency had stated integrating the New Software but the Agency is currently having to use both old and new systems, but once completely integrated the new system was going to make the process of issuing licenses much more efficient.  There were no updates available as to WHO would be the agencies testing company. 

Reba Roy, on behalf of the Mississippi Cosmetology Association presented the following nominees for consideration to the Mississippi Cosmetology Hall Of Fame:  Rebecca Dobbins, Glenda Honeycutt and Doug McCoy    Each nominee was unanimously inducted into the Mississippi Cosmetology Hall of Fame…  Congratulations to all!!!!

Next meeting to be held Sunday September 24, 2017…

Meeting adjourned at 2:43 p.m.



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