Mississippi Cosmetology Council Meeting 9/21/2014



The Mississippi Cosmetology Council of State Board , Schools and Salons held it’s annual meeting Sunday September 21, 2014 at the Capital Building.  If you are reading about the Council for the first time and are unsure what the Council is please read my previous post in 9/2013 Annual Council Meeting and it explains the Who, What, When, Where and Why about the Council.

The main objective of the Council is to make recommendations for any possible Legislative changes as well as make recommendations to the Board of Cosmetology for possible changes and/or updates on rule and regulations , school curriculum, and any other related matters.

Last year’s meeting was a total bust. However, this year’s meeting seem to pick up a little bit of steam…  At last year’s meeting all delegates were  directed to go back to their association meeting and take a vote on items that they would like for the Council to consider for the upcoming Legislative session and/or changes that would be related to the Mississippi State Board of Cosmetology.

Council Officers for this session were:  President: Doug McCoy “MCA”, First V.P. Ida Thomas “SOTA”, Second V.P. Waylon Garrett “MSBC”,  Treasure Irma Taylor “MIBA”, and Secretary Glenda Honeycutt “MCA”      Representative Charles Young serves as the Legislative Liaison/Delegate.

Highlights of the Meeting were:

Rep. Charles Young  spoke to the Council and Delegates on the importance of the Council.  He made it clear to everyone that he would ONLY deal with Legislative changes that had been recommended on the behalf of the Council.  He strongly discouraged individuals from campaigning their individual agendas.  He also suggested that the Council President as well as the other association Presidents to meet with him as well as other members at the Capitol to help ensure that only the wishes of the Council would be acted upon.

The Mississippi Cosmetology School Association submitted the following recommendations to be considered for a vote of approval by the Council:

1- To increase the 500 hours to 600 hours for Barbers to crossover to Cosmetology                        2- To increase 350 Nail Tech hours to 600 hours                                                                                      3- To increase 600 Esthetics hours to 750 hours                                                                                      These Items were all voted upon and all approved by the Council.  Ref. Charles Young will now state the process of getting these changes submitted for Legislative approval.

Melvin Calton (me) “MSCA” submitted the following for recommendations to be considered for a vote of approval by the Council:

1- Post-Secondary designation on School Licenses.  Melvin expressed that he felt that this could be done without doing any Legislative changes contrary to the position that has been expressed by Cosmetology Board President Leisa McElreath.  Cosmetology Board attorney Jeff Jernigan was present and was able to  comment on this matter.  He stated that through his research that he felt that the Cosmetology Board did have the authority to make such a designation…   YEAH… YEAH… Finally after almost 2 years of asking for this, we now have a path to resolving this issue. 

2- Allowing Instructors who are employed at schools to serve on the State Board of Cosmetology.  Rep. Charles Young addressed this and stated that he felt that this was not something that he felt the Legislators was ready to allow.  Well this is something that I am very passionate about. The schools need representation on the Cosmetology Board.  I am tired of individuals who have no idea how to do hair but yet they are being allowed to make decisions on how are students are to be tested!!!!!

3-College Requirements for Instructors.  MSBC rules and regulation currently require that 3 of the 12 college hours must be obtained on campus.  I along with many, many others feel that the on campus requirement is nothing more than an undo burden for an Instructor.  Who cares if they take all the courses on-line…   The Council voted and agreed that the requirement of 3 hours be obtained on campus should be removed.

The Council has always met once year in September.  At this year’s meeting, the Council voted and agreed to meet twice a year.  The next scheduled meeting will be February 15, 2015.

Like most associations the Council votes for new officers every two years and at this meeting elections were held.  Donald Vaughn presided over the Instillation of New Officers.  The following are the new Council Officers:

President:    Glenda Honeycutt “MCA” . 

 First VP:        Waylon Garrett “MSBC” .                                                                                                    

Second VP:   Coretta Johnson “SOTA” .                                                                                             

Treasurer:    Rosetta Pickering “MIBA”.                                                                                            

Secretary:     Melvin R. Calton “MSCA”      




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  • by Glenda Honeycutt Posted October 9, 2014 3:18 pm

    Very pleased with how our council meeting went. I feel with the new officer’s we will work. Together to make improvements for our schools and boards and cosmetologiest

  • by Heidi Riley Posted October 9, 2014 4:35 pm

    I have always felt the courses required for TEACHING should be specific… from this list: A&P I with a lab, Chemistry with a lab, Business Math or similar BOT, Phycology, Ethics[I see a real lack of ethics], Art Appreciation, and Education classes such as Methods of Education or those modules available online from MSU RCU… [while the milady site has some beneficial ones… I think they would be better for CEU’s to retain your license] if you think that would be too hard, they are freshmen classes and no harder than the 10th grade if you put forth effort.

  • by Heidi Riley Posted October 9, 2014 5:05 pm

    I do NOT agree with the all online… SOME Online classes are a joke and a lot of degree requirements are not allowing online courses. I think it is ridiculous to cry “for convenience sake”… Sorry but to get a good education, you have to be inconvenienced sometimes… That’s the same crying we heard about the braiding situation… “it was inconvenient for them to go to school” I said it then and I will say it now… When I wanted my college degree the college was not willing to move to my neighborhood… I had to go to them!!! I think they should have to put in some time ON campus… there are colleges and community colleges all over this state… maybe you can change my mind.
    Sorry, I am not sure whether I agree with being on the board and STILL teaching… But at the same time, I would not mind doing it… I definitely believe that there should be some representation or at least a lot more consideration about the schools. . .
    Here is a random question in the form of a statement: I thought that the MSBC School Coordinator is supposed to be a liaison between the schools and the MSBC. That the School Coordinator is supposed to “represent” the interest of the schools… How do you have that with a person hired that has no School Experience..? I think the School Coordinator should be appointed from a pool of qualified candidates or hired from someone other than the Board or Director… I think they should be paid quite a lot [yes I would love the job] enough that it would be at least what an Instructor makes… They should not be “under” the jurisdiction of either the Board or the Director… So that they would not “fear” repercussions from either.
    I like Rep Young’s “speech”… I felt like he was a fatherly influence over some unruly kids… I know he made me think about the Council differently and about the issue of too many agendas trying to be put forth!
    Well I have to go back to work… This soap box I’m on is getting slippery.
    PS: I have a friend that has worked for companies that test like PV. We have considered putting forth a plan to test for the MSBC… We have the expertise and could actually travel around the state to the schools… Maybe we should bid… LOL Y’all have a great day! and as Always, Thank You Melvin for having this blog.

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