Monday 10-27-2014 Regular Board Meeting

This was a very calm meeting…  The most interesting topic was brought up by Waylon Garrett.   Waylon expressed to the Board that he did not understand how is it that Statute 73-7-12. states The State Board of Cosmetology shall contract with a recognized testing service to conduct examinations for cosmetology, estheticians, manicurists and instructors as such times and locations as determined by the contracted testing service…. and as a Board Member why was he not allowed to have any say in deciding who would become the new testing company for the agency????  However a state employee from IT or better know as Information Technology, who know nothing about our industry was able to have a say so in who are new testing company would be….. 

Board Member Waylon Garrett also reminded the Board about the Mississippi Cosmetology Councils recommendation of asking the Board to consider removing the at least one  (1) three -hour course must be acquired within a classroom setting from Rule 5.18 Curriculum 3.a.   Board President Leisa McElreath was very quick to dismiss any recommendations that would come from the Mississippi Cosmetology Council.  She further stated that she has never seen any of the Council members bother to attend any Cosmetology Board meetings.  Waylon Garrett made the motion to remove the classroom requirement Dot Ennis seconded and the three Amigos votes against the motion….   MOTION DIED

School Owners you will be happy to hear that we are now one important step closer to getting Post-Secondary recognition.  The Oral Proceeding for Proposed Rule(s) 9.1 Licenses Issued by the Board   9.2  Post-Secondary School of Cosmetology-Eligibility….. No public comments were made the new rules have now been sent to the Secretary of States office and will go into effect in 60 days…..  I will keep everyone posted on the procedure that we will need to follow to get our schools licenses updated….

Executive Director Cynthia Johnson reported to the Board that more than 205 people had applied for the School Coordinators position however none of the 205 were Cosmetology Instructors.

Once again I asked the Board if they had any information that they could share with me on what was happening with our testing…   ONCE AGAIN I WAS TOLD THERE  WAS NOTHING THAT THEY COULD SAY AT THIS TIME!!!!!!






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  • by Ann Simmons Posted December 10, 2014 1:20 pm

    More of the same old lame, Queen Bees crap that are all so sick of. And more lies, lies, lies….the most destructive Board in the entire history. I can’t stand to look at them or see their names anymore – the damage they have done to schools, students, graduates and salons is beyond anything I could have ever imagined. May God deal with them…..and swiftly

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