Monday 11-24-2014 Regular Board Meeting

During the meeting the Board went in and out of Executive Session, which was due to several telephone conversations the Board was having with our new testing company  PCS…….  From what I’m understanding there are several issues that are needing to be ironed out before the contracts can be signed.  The exact particulars I’m not sure of but one could only guess it has to do with the elements and subject matters of the practical examination….    You know what I’m talking about Pin Curl and Fingerwaves there back……  Why is it that every time we try to take two steps forward this Board takes us three steps backwards??????

As of 12/11/2014 the office of PCS (Professional Credential Services, Inc.), stated to me that they still did not have a signed contract with the state of Mississippi….   Which means  if the Board does not secure a contract before 12-31-2014 then  PCS would probably not start testing until early April 2015…..

If you have not already I recommend that you go to PCS’s website and check out their practical testing examination for Alabama Cosmetology.  You can print out the testing guidelines just like we have done with Pearson Vue….  follow the steps below for PCS practical handbook then click on Applications & Candidates, then Cosmetology /Barbering, then Alabama, then Cosmetology, then Cosmetology handbook….  Its 30 pages and this will give you the in site to how PSC will be handling the practical examination…….

The Board office has hired a new licensing Clerk her name is Letisha Montgomery and most importantly a new School Coordinator and her name is Tavia Thornton.  I want to tell everyone that I have been working with Mrs. Thornton for the past couple of weeks trying to make sure that all my graduates have gotten there approval letters for examination… Mrs. Thornton stays on top of her e-mails and that  communication works best for her..  Her e-mail is  I personally want to tell everyone that she has done an exceptional job  communicating with me to ensure that my graduates received their approval letters.

Last date for your students to take the Practical Examination  with Pearson Vue is Monday, 12-22-2014 at the Hattiesburg Test Center “ONLY”.   As of yesterday there was a few slots left for the 8:00 a.m. testing….   I recommend that the students call 888-603-8503  to book, instead of doing it on line….

Due to the Christmas Holiday the December Board meeting has been scheduled for                   12-15-2014….   Once again I will be asking about updates on testing and will provide you will what information I find out…


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  • by Pennie Summerlin Posted December 12, 2014 11:34 am

    Thank you Melvin for keeping us up to date on the ongoing ‘saga’ of our Board.

    Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

    Again, Thanks

  • by Heidi Posted December 12, 2014 4:09 pm

    More Instructors would have applied if the money was right… Unless the salary has changed… I can make more as a cashier and have less responsibility, concerns, and whoopla…
    Man I would have loved that job… But money matters. Glad to hear a positive note on the new person though…

  • by Jan May Posted December 19, 2014 3:03 pm

    As far as I’m concerned the new school coordinator has already been caught in Cynthia Johnson’s web. The people in that office need to know that they work for the Board, not Cynthia Johnson. The Board needs a new ED! And I’m sure that several Instructors applied for that position, but Cynthia doesn’t want an Instructor in that position because she is not able to be an Instructor in Mississippi.

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