Monday 11-30-2015 Regular Board Meeting

All Board members present except Ms. Glenda Honeycutt…  Attorney Jeff Jernigan informed the Board that the Sanitation Rules and Regulations had been accepted by the Mississippi State Department of Heath…  Mr. Jernigan also informed the Board that the Secretary of the State had posted to it’s web site the final draft of the Board’s Rules and Regulations with the final approval to be effective 12/5/2015…   I asked if the New Rules and Regulations would be posted to the Agency’s Website…  I was told probably not as the agency is still having difficulties in making changes and updates to their Website…  However I was told that I could receive a PDF file and will share with all once I receive it…

The Board went into Executive Session from 9:30 to 10:30….  When the Board is in Executive Session it is discussing issues in which the public is not privilege to individuals/businesses names..  However, the Board is required to report out to the public “Which has been sitting on a wooden ledge or the floor”  what actions it has taken on topics that were discussed…  We usually get a few quick words from Board Attorney Jeff Jernigan but this time I told him I needed to be where I could take notes not sitting in the hallway… Upon entering back into the Board room Board President Waylon Garrett was calling for a 15 minute  break and Board members were leaving the room while Mr. Jernigan was trying to give a report out on the Executive Session..  Vice-President Dorothy Ennis remained in the Board room and I expressed how upset I was over the way the public gets treated when the Board ends an Executive Session.  Mrs. Ennis went through her notes and explained that the Board had to make some decision on some individuals wanting to enroll as well as some license holders that needed to have their licenses suspended for past due child support…                          Thank You Mrs. Ennis

Board Attorney Jeff Jernigan also presented to the Board a condensed Violation form for the Board approval..  This form has basically be shrunk from a legal size sheet to a letter size… It’s kind a like a study guide for a test…  Giving the inspector a quick run through of the things they are to be checking when entering your Salon or School….  I will post the final draft

Board Attorney Jeff Jernigan addressed the Board with his concerns for him to work with Executive Director David Derrick in the scoring process for the upcoming RFP for the NEW TESTING company.  Board Member Darlene Smith stated several times “TO DEAF EARS”  that she would be more than happy to work with Mr. Derrick on scoring the RFP…. Vice-President Dorothy Ennis stated that she was part of the last evaluation team and would be more than happy to work with Mr. Derrick.  The Board voted to replace Mr. Jernigan with Mrs. Ennis…

The Board requested that a policy  be put in place that would ensure that a license holder who has any unpaid fine that was 30 days past due would have their licenses suspended…

The Board also approved some continuing education for SOTA…  Seems there has been a shake up with SOTA…. They now, after MANY years, have a new President Ms. Anita Jamison… A workshop will be January 11, 2016 for 5 hours of Methods of Teaching I am waiting to receive my information from Ms. Jamison.  I will share with everyone once I get the details…  Looking forward to seeing what the new leadership will bring to SOTA….. 

Executive Director David Derrick reported to the Board that he was informed that there was a fee of $3,500.00 that the agency would be required to pay for the Performance audit.   He also informed the Board that the State does a Financial Accountability Audit annually….

Meeting adjourned at 1:15 pm

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