Monday 6-27-2016 Regular Board Meeting

Yes, I think I missed what probably was a good show..   I was not there. However, Executive Director David Derrick provided me with a draft copy of the minutes…   The following is going to be BORING….

All Board members were present…

2016 Officer Elections were held….  Waylon Garrett was re-elected as President, Glenda Honeycutt was elected as Vice-President, and Bertha Johnson was re-elected as Secretary..  Boring!! But you know that there MUST have been a show for this…  Since Glenda Honeycutt replaced Dot as Vice-President!!!!

The Board filed an emergency rule change for Rule 6.2, b.2 “page 89 of the Rules and Regulations”…   Correcting the amount of CEU required prior to the date of applying for Master Licenses from the 8 hour to 16…   This requirement is so stipulated in Statute 73-7-14.

The Board adopted the following policy for the allocation of continuing education hours.  This policy was recommended by Board attorney Jeff Jernigan….

Licensed Master Cosmetologist/Estheticians/Manicurists and licensed Instructors are required by the Mississippi Legislature to obtain continuing education hours.  These hour are obtained at continuing education  seminars and events, which receive approval from the Board.  Some licensees have multiple licenses.  These dual licensed individuals shall declare for which licenses they are attending continuing education class.  A licensee could attend a continuing education session and record time for two licenses, >but the hours earned cannot >overlap.  In the event a licensee does not designate which license the hours were obtained for, the School Coordinator shall apply the hours to the license with the closest expiration.  In the event all continuing education hours for that license has been obtained, they will be applied to the other license(s).

A change of ownership application for Delta Beauty College, in Greenville, was presented to the Board.  The Board approved the application for initial inspection.  Initial inspection to be done by Darlene Smith and David Derrick… 

I sure hope what I am reading is wrong!!!!!  A motion was made by Dot Ennis to leave statute 73-7-15 1e, 2e and 3e as is…  Motion seconded by Glenda Honeycutt…  Motion carried….   This is a ROYAL SCREW UP!!!!!     Statute 73-7-15 1e states… >Has successfully competed seven hundred fifty (750) hour of instructor training in an accredited school of cosmetology…  >Are you serious!!!!!   So much for us trying to get a standard Instructor Program…   However 2e and 3e state… >Has successfully completed twelve (12) semester hours in college courses as approved by the board….  Maybe they meant 1f instead of 1e?????   >1f also deals with college courses…..

From the minutes it appears that the Board went into Executive session at 1:30 pm…  The Board discussed Personnel Matters and Special Candidates…  They took a break around 3:14 to 3:44 and then ended the meeting at 6:37 p.m.   WOW….  5 HOURS of my imagination wondering!!!!

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  • by Marie Butler Posted August 2, 2016 8:34 am

    Thank you Melvin.
    I have had so many challenges in the past year I am just thankful to still be here.
    I’ve been septic and came close to death
    Then I had surgery for spinal stenosis and after that I had hip surgery to reattach my abductor tendon and muscle which was completely torn off. I was in s brace and walked on a walker not able to put weight on my left leg for 3 months.
    Thank God I am better now. Now I have to shed the weight I gained from sitting on my A— for so long !!

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