Monday 7-25-2016 Regular Board Meeting

All Board Members were present….   BOY oh BOY was the air Thick with TENSION

Board attorney Jeff Jernigan presented to the Board the final draft for the changes made to Rule 5.7.3 and Rule 6.2/b.2..  The Board also approved the final draft Chapter 8 of the Rules and Regulations Titled Disciplinary and Administrative Actions.. Yes this is a New Chapter, it deals with Hearing, Complaints, ect..  It’s only a couple of pages and I will post this Chapter once I get a copy of the final approved draft…

The Board also discussed with Jeff about making a policy for how the Board will handle “Unlicensed Salons”….

The Board had 3 interviews today for the position of School Coordinator…  Well, that position actually has been re-classified as an Administrator II…   Duties are pretty much the same  but the biggest change is in the PAY…  It’s MUCH lower and you don’t have to know anything about the field of Cosmetology, paperwork is paperwork….   It is my understanding that the Board did vote to hire one of the interviewees…  I should have more information on our New School Coordinator by the August meeting…

It appears that the month of October is packed full of Education…   MCA/MEC Summer School October 1-3 for 22 hours of CEU, held at the MUSE center in Pearl / SOTA is having 5 hours in  methods of Teaching October 3, at the Jackson Medical Mall….  / State Beauty Supply/Matrix Fall Trend Release is 7 hours CEU October 3, Southaven….. / Birmingham Premiere Hair Show  also has Tons of CEU October 23 & 24….

Board President Waylon Garrett asked the Board  it they wanted to move up the Regular Board Meeting to October 17 since the Birmingham show was on October 24…  Board member Dorothy Ennis raised strong objections to the Board doing this…  She stated that Statue mandated the meetings to be held the last Monday of each month..  Board attorney Jeff Jernigan stated that meeting dates and times was not in Statue but it was  in the Rules and Regulations and the Board had the right to change the meeting date as long as notice was provided to the public…  The Board did change it’s meeting date from October 24 to the 17th…   All Board members indicated that they planned on attending the Birmingham show with the exception of Board member Dorothy Ennis….

The Board recessed for lunch from 12:15 to 1:15…  This is when the REAL Show started…   I returned to the Board Room around 12:45 and when I opened the door I witnessed Glenda Honeycutt pounding her fist on the table with her finger pointed at Dorothy Ennis..  I heard Glenda stating to Dot….   “You’re not going to call  me a back stabber or a liar!!!!” I then walked backwards to the door and let them go at it…  I know…  I should have stayed and listened but I felt they needed to get something off their chest and thought that would not have happened if I was present….  BOY WAS I WRONG!!!!

The meeting resumed at 1:15 and so did the show…   Now over the next hour or so I managed to piece together the show that went on last month…  Dorothy Ennis was furious that she was not given a heads up from Waylon Garrett that he planned on nominating Glenda Honeycutt for Vice-President…  During the June elections Waylon Garrett nominated Glenda Honeycutt for Vice-President and Bertha Johnson nominated Dorothy Ennis for Vice-President too….  So then the votes were cast…   2 votes for Glenda and 2 votes for Dorothy and a no vote…   You know who was the no vote…  It was Darlene..  Yeah Darlene Smith was left to Break the Tie and she told them that they were not putting the tie breaking vote on her Back…  Now, to me if anyone should be PISSED, it should be Darlene…  Waylon then asked Jeff what was the Board supposed  to do since Darlene submitted a no vote…  Jeff told them that they had to keep voting until someone won…   Me personally, I would have thought that they would have to do a STRAW VOTE…   They voted again and on the second round of voting Darlene casted her vote for Glenda…. Now back to the events today…. Dot had several heated exchanges with Glenda and Waylon… Dot felt that everyone except her knew  what the results of the election would be..  At one point Dot even brought up a statement that I made on my blog in May…   I explained to Dot that I had no knowledge of who would be voting for who… The officers of the Board really makes no difference to me, but to some it appears to be REALLY IMPORTANT….  I also told Dot that my blog was written based upon facts and of MY OPNIOINS and over the past 6 months or so I did feel like at times it seemed  the Board had more CHIEFS than INDIANS….

Next order of business….  A New Service is out there that is trying to be added as a Cosmetology Service…  Don’t think this will fall under the scope of Cosmetology??

Microblading (or eyebrow embroidery) is a relatively new, manual method. It is considered to be semi-permanent, as compared to the traditional hairstroke technique. It is done using a very fine blade to deposit pigments into the epidermis.

The Board spent the rest of the afternoon going through some questions that had been submitted by potential venders that are interested in submitting a bid for the  contract to administer the written and practical testing for our Cosmetology  students…  REMEMBER that our CONTRACT with PCS expires on December 31, 2016….   Everyone needs to keep this in mind that we possibly could have a new testing company January 2017…  So stay on TOP of your GRADUATES and makes sure they are applying for testing ASAP!!!!!  More updated on this will follow as I find out…

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