Monday August 25, 2014

This was supposed to be a regular Board meeting. However, Board President Leisa McElreath, was unable to attend due to her obligation to attend the NIC Annual  Conference in Charleston, South Carolina, August 23-26 and this meeting proved to be anything but REGULAR!!!!!!!!

Vice President, Teresa Whitman, was acting chair in Leisa McElreath absence.  I want to make a special mention that there was no Pledge of Allegiance request made for this meeting….   Meeting started at 9:10 a.m. and I was joined by Karoline Finch…  first on the agenda was request for duplicate licensure.  The Board went through a total of 20 request in 30 minutes…   Amen, the Board has finally figured a way how to do this without taking a full day to do it…  No Thanks goes to prior Board Attorney  Margarette Meeks!!!!

Next on agenda was a report from School Coordinator Stephanie Boone-Owens.  Mrs. Owens stated to the Board that there is a vast amount of inconsistent paperwork that comes in from the schools.  She went over with the Board a memo that she wanted their approval to send out to the schools…  The main issue for me,  which is one that I never thought about, was to be sure to write the student’s name on the back of their photos.

Next matter of business was New School Final Inspection.  The Board approved Foster’s Cosmetology College change of ownership.  Mrs. Hazel Foster opened the school in 1945 and her son Allen Christmas has taken over ownership.  What upsets me most about this is that this school was treated like a new school.  Mr. Christmas had to complete a new school application and go through the process just like a new school owner….   THIS IS WRONG!!!!!!  The Board needs to fix this.  This school just did a change of control….  Allen worked with his mother in the school business for many years and now because he has taken control of ownership he is treated like a new school…..   The Department of Education nor does our Accrediting Agencies do this to us….  So why does our State Board??????

It is now around 11:00am and the Board has just stopped discussing this matter.  I asked if I could ask a question and was granted permission.  My question was what are we doing????  I was then told that the Board was waiting on Mrs. Onetta Whitley I replied ok…  I then asked if we were going to work on the rules and regulations and was immediately informed by Teresa Whitman that since Leisa was out there would be NO discussion of the Rules and Regulations!!!! I replied that we discussed Rules 1 through 4 last week while Dot was out inspection a new school!!!! I got no reply…….

Next order of business was with Deputy Attorney General Onettta Whitley.  Many a year ago Ms. Whitley served as the Cosmetology Board Attorney.  Ms. Whitley came by the Board office to talk with the Board about the HUGE back log of violations that are needing to be processed.  We are talking over 1500.   Mrs. Whitley explained to the Board that she did not ever remember the Board having such backlog.  Mrs. Whitley also stated to the Board that maybe they had changed the process but she would be more than happy to make some recommendations of way to stream line the process.  Waylon repeatedly stated yes please help us to stream line this process.  While Teresa Whitman state “WE HAVE BEEN TALKING ABOUT HIRING A LAWYER FULL TIME!!!!! ”  Mrs. Whitley also stated that a lot of the Board work that Attorney Jeff Jernigan was doing was no more that CLERICAL and if the Board had the extra to pay an attorney to do clerical work then the Attorney Generals office will be more than happy to accept the Boards $65.00 per hour for clerical work….

The Board then made a motion to go into an Executive Session to review an Instructors Exam request.  I’m telling you when you think you have seen it all this Board will prove you wrong.  Karoline and myself was getting on the wooden ledge outside the Board room.  We had been sitting for what seemed less than an hour when I heard Teresa Whitman calling someone a F***ing Bitch while opening the Board room door, she then looked at Karoline and myself as if she wanted to kill us.   Her briefcase was going sideways as she was slinging it to the elevator…… We then seen Board Attorney Jeff Jernigan running out of the Board room and heading to the stairwell … Next thing I hear was Dot Ennis telling me that I needed to get my stuff from the Board room….  Board Meeting Was Over!!!!!

Now someone owes Karoline and myself and apology and an explanation as to what went on in that Board Room… And Teresa Whitman needs to resign from this Board IMMIDATELY….   NO BOARD MEMBER SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO USE SUCH LANGUAGE IN FRONT OF THE PUBLIC!!!



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  • by Karoline Finch Posted September 5, 2014 5:16 pm

    OH my gosh! We were in shock to hear this language come from our acting Board President. And on top of this, I had business to discuss with the Board. Granted I was not on the agenda, but I was willing to wait for public comment. We were not even told by the attorney what transpired during the executive session, like he is required to do. There is NO excuse that can be given that would excuse the behavior of any Board member, much less a Vice President, as she demonstrated that day.

    YES, we must call for her resignation NOW! She is an embarrassment to our Profession.

  • by Marie butler Posted September 6, 2014 7:02 am

    This is disgraceful! I’m afraid we may lose our board at this rate. We need professional people on the board.

  • by Ann Simmons Posted September 9, 2014 9:27 am

    FYI – when my father died in 2011, he had left Chris’ Beauty College to his children via Bills of Sale attached to his Will. I have been director and President of Chris’ Beauty College since 1992 but STILL had to make application for a NEW SCHOOL AND PAY FOR AND GO THROUGH AN INSPECTION!!!! Is this a ludicrous waste of money or what????? Not to mention all the paperwork and time involved on both sides. Definitely needs to be changed asap.

  • by Darlene Smith Posted September 9, 2014 9:43 am

    All I can say is what did you expect !!! Everyone has seen this board at it’s best what a shame for our profession!!!!

    • by Heidi Riley Posted September 18, 2014 4:44 pm

      This reminds me of those reality tv shows that stress me out and I have to turn off… Except there is no remote for this and it severely stresses me out to know this sort of thing is going on in my profession. I just don’t understand why people in government don’t work for who they should… ugh. I am constantly looking for some other profession to enter… here at 50 because of this. Love my job… hate the drama.

      • by Melvin Calton Posted September 20, 2014 10:40 am

        You are so right Heidi we are all hating this DRAMA… Some members of this BOARD feel that WE, the license holders are the bad guys…. Leisa McElreath has stated several times that this Board’s job is to protect the PUBLIC… I agree with that, but why treat the LICENSE HOLDERS like they we are the ENEMY!!!!

  • by Morgan Posted November 5, 2014 3:46 pm

    I can’t believe the “T”!!! I felt like I was reading a reality TV script! KMLOL! Melvin provides the “dish”! Sad to say majority state offices have issues very similar to those you expressed within MSBC. I say this to all that Melvin aka MR. “T” has so passionately conveyed…

    “ANY change or reform you make is going to have consequence(s) you don’t like”
    Mo Udall

    Nevertheless, I respect your passion and willingness to standup for what you believe is right. I sincerely appreciate the honesty in which you bring and demand for what is fair. But I offer one piece of advice. As you know change is never easy and nothing ever stays the same. Embrace that in which you can not change…it may not be the season. Change the things in which you can and continue to express the wisdom you have to know the difference. Arnold Bennett said “ANY change, even for the better, is ALWAYS accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts.

    Thank you for being the voice…

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