Monday January 30, 2017 Regular Board Meeting

Board Member Bertha Robinson was not present for this meeting..  All other Members including Board attorney Jeff Jernigan were present.

Legal Council… updated the Board with the letters sent out to unlawful practices to cease and desist…  Legal Council also asked that if the inspectors could be present for the April meeting so that the Board could find out directly what the current issues of noncompliance.

School Report… Currently it appears that since the sell of Delta Beauty College there has been several complaints.  The Board assigned Board Member Darlene Smith and School Coordinator Vergie Gibbs to investigate.  During the school report it was noted that the Board office was not receiving monthly hour reports from a lot of schools….  I’m just looking cross eyed at that statement… How does a school get away with that!!!!

The Board approved Reba Roy’s 2017 Education Plus Seminar…Reba Roy 2017   Click here for printable info

A representative with Data-Lynx met with the Board from 10:00-10:30.   They did a live walk through of the New Software System..  The presentation was very impressive.  The new software is schedule to go live at the Board office no later than February 15, 2017…  Board Member Dot Ennis asked the Data-Lynx would this software support the agency to have the ability to do online renewals.  The Data-Lynx representative stated yes but there are other components that would have to be established first, with the big one on how the agency would receive online payments….  But it is something I feel that the Board intends on pursuing.

Complaints… The Board office received some of the weirdest complaints that I have heard yet!!!!   1. Serving  minors alcohol…  It gets better…  2. A parent DROPPED of her children, not sure how many, at a salon to receive hair services but apparently when the Stylist finished the services the mother was no where to be found so the Stylist just locked the children up in the salon…  The Stylist must have needed to go get herself a drink!!!  You can’t make this up…LMAO!!!!  And apparently the Board office cannot find a license for this Salon….   YOU THINK!!!!   OH I needed this laugh!!!  The Board did give a directive to have an inspector to go and check this salon out….

Testing… PCS is out, last practical test date is February 13, 2017…   Board members Dot Ennis and Darlene Smith were very upset…  The Board does have another testing company selected to take over testing however due to recent  budget cuts with ITS “the agency that handles contracts  for state agencies” the Board is waiting and waiting and waiting some more and still waiting to get the negotiated contract out from ITS and to the new testing company for signatures.  

I am so over this repeated process that Our Board has to go through just to have a testing company..  This Board moved swiftly through the process and now be at the mercy of another state agency that is understaffed, this is just more bad politics…  Our Board is not allowed to have long term contracts so we have to keep going and going and going through this process…  So far it has been in 2 year increments but it is my understanding that the Board is requesting that this contract be for the maximum amount of time allowed which is 5 years… I have said my peace on that so hopefully I can have more detailed news in the coming weeks…

Legislation… We do have a House bill  that has made it through committee and has been sent over to the Senate on February 3rd..  I will be watching closely to see what comes of it… The Mississippi Cosmetology Council will be holding it’s annual February meeting on the 19th.

Board meeting ended at 12:32






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  • by Heidi Riley Posted February 11, 2017 2:37 am

    As always, thank you for the update… I sure wish the MSBC still tested the students…

    • by You know who Posted February 11, 2017 3:02 pm

      Me too. Just look at the money our state and our agency is losing to out of state testing companies. We should be able to hire outside people in our state and buy tests from other vendors at a much lower price and keep most of the money. I hope one day that the Legislature will wake up and change this law back. What a shame.

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