Monday July 31, 2017 Regular Board Meeting

I must start off by saying WOW!!!!!   Everything at the Board office and especially in the Board Room looked clean, neat and in order..   I mean even the (4) light units that have been out for  several years were working… Thank-you Ms. Sharon Clark our new Executive Director!!!

Board Members…  Dot Ennis, Darlene Smith and Donald Vaughn welcomed their newest Board Member DEBBIE COKERI have been knowing Ms. Debbie for several years now and I think she will be a much needed asset to the Board…

The Board had 20 items on their agenda and Folks the meeting sailed so SMOOTH there was NO negative energy.. Topics were brought up, brief discussions were held and motions were made…   The general meeting was over by 1:30 p.m.

The following are Topics that should be of interest to you….

1.  New 1000 hour Instructor Program which went into effect 7/1/2017..  If you currently or have recently graduated an Instructor who was for 750 hour or less, that Student Instructor MUST be licensed on or before 3/31/2018…   If they are not licensed by this time they will be required to re-enroll back in school and obtain the additional hours…

2.  If you currently have an Instructor that is enrolled for the 2000 hour course.  The Board will allow for that  Instructor to graduate early as long as that Student Instructor has completed all the requirements as stated in the 1000 hour Instructor Program and has satisfied any financial obligations due the school….  Please be aware if  you plan to reduce a 2000 hour to the 1000 hours be sure that you down size your financial aid award accordingly.. 

3.  Representatives with MSI or Mississippi Interactive were present to talk with the Board about updating the Boards website.  The representatives also stated that they would like to submit a proposal for updating the Agencies website to allow for on-line license renewal…  

4.  On-line Continuing Education.  As of today the Board will only approve on-line continuing education that is offered through Pivot Point or Milady…   Please always contact the Board office for pre-approval prior to taking any on-line courses.

5.  The Board voted to change its September meeting from 9/25/17 to 9/18/2017…

I have heard through the Grape Vine that the Governor has appointed our 5th Board Member.  She should be present at the August meeting!!!!   Yeah



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  • by You know who Posted August 8, 2017 1:19 am

    Thank you so much Mr. Calton for keeping the licensees informed and up to date. As of Friday, our staff had gotten

    7000 licenses out. We are no longer behind. Wow. Kudos to Mrs. Clark and her staff.

  • by Heidi Posted August 8, 2017 2:00 am

    dead gum… this is all good news!
    Thank you for sharing the info!

  • by Peggy Tiblier Posted August 22, 2017 4:24 am

    Thank you Melvin!

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