Monday June 30, 2014 Board Meeting

I was unable to attend this meeting due to me attending a NACCA workshop in Arlington, VA…..  However I did have David Derrick sit in for me…..  David took great notes but for the most part it appeared to be a boring meeting…   I will like to make special note that Fosters Beauty College in Ripley, MS is going through a change of ownership.  Mrs. Hazel Foster’s son, Allen Christmas will be taking over.  Foster’s Beauty College opened in 1945…  Too my knowledge it is the oldest Cosmetology school in the state of Mississippi…

WE HAVE A NEW BOARD PRESIDENT…….   LEISA McELREATH…….  Yes, Leisa and Kay just traded places….  Now Leisa is President and Kay is Vic-President….   None of this is a surprise, I have been giving 2 to 1 odds on this outcome.  Do they not realize that there are a lot of people paying close attention to this constant 3 to 2 spit…..

I’m going to do my best to not be negative, after all with a new president there should be new outcomes!!!!  We will just have to wait and see…



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