Monday March 28, 2016 Regular Board Meeting

All Board members were present for today’s meeting…  Today marks the one year anniversary of this Board, it just doesn’t seem like it has been a YEAR!!!

The Board made a decision to issue a written notice to Delta Tech…  They currently have some advertising stating that a person can receive their Cosmetology Licenses from Delta Tech..  Just a little language that needs to be cleaned up… 

Board Attorney Jeff Jernigan, told the Board that the back log of citations was shrinking and there is a little less than 100 citations left from the old Board that needs to be set for hearing.  The Board went ahead and set hearing dates for the next several month to try to get the back log clean up…

This next item was very interesting….   The Beau Rivage Casino in Gulfport wrote a letter to the Board asking if it would be ok if they set up portable manicure stations so that they could give manicures outside around the pool as well as other parts of the Casino….  The Board unanimously voted to DENY…

The Board received a complaint from a former Fantastic Sam’s employee.  The individuals assigned to investigate told the Board that they did find “Evidence for a Hearing”  A motion was approved to move forward with a hearing on this case… 

There were a few SHOWS that the Board had approved for continuing education in which the Board has monitored since the last months board meeting…  It appears that in some instances these shows are not providing the education that is listed on the request for approval…  The Board discussed different options it needed to take in order to prevent this from happening….

Karoline Finch submitted a request for continuing education for the upcoming “International Congress of Esthetics & Spa” which is being held in Dallas May 15th & 16th….  The Board approved continuing education as long a class certificates are provided to  validate hours… You can Google  ICES DALLAS 2016  for more details….

Karoline Finch also submitted a request for continuing education for the upcoming ” AACS Annual Convention” being held in Las Vegas, NV July 30th – August 2nd….  The Board approved continuing education as long a class certificates are provided to validate hours…  You can find out more details at..

The Board approved a NEW STUDENT ENROLLMENT FORM….  This form includes a NEW QUESTION….   Can you Read, Write and Speak English…   The Board office will be mailing you this new form…   You can also print the new form and start using now by printing it from the PDF file below…   FYI you can type your school name and address on this form before you start making any copies…

SB Cos Enroll Form

The Board also approved a motion to give back the authority to grant Duplicate Licenses to Executive Director…   THANK-YOU!!!!   I was so tired of having to set through this approval process…  The Board will now only review Special Circumstance Cases….

Board member Glenda Honeycutt asked to re-visit the RFP process.  She specifically wanted to re-visit who would be evaluating the proposed  vender contracts ” Testing Companies”…  A motion was passed to add Board Member Darlene Smith to the evaluation team….  The evaluation team members are:  David Derrick, Dot Ennis and Darlene Smith….

Board President Waylon Garrett presented to the Board Members a MOTIONAL BOARD!!  This  Motional Board is divided into four sections….  Accomplishments, In Progress, To Do and Ideals…  Waylon has asked the Board members to write down their thoughts for each of the categories on a sticky and place them in the appropriate category and during each monthly meeting they will discuss the WHO, WHAT, WHEN and WHY that needs to happen to accomplish the GOAL that this Board wants to REACH!!!!!









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  • by Dorothy C. Ennis Posted April 5, 2016 7:20 am

    Thank you Mr. Calton for keeping the people in our industry informed. Love your blog.

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