Monday March 31, 2014 Board Meeting

At the Boards regular 3-31-14 scheduled Board Meeting concerns were raised about all the overwhelming amount of  student’s submitting FAKE EDUCATION!!!!!  For those of you in the school business who are not requiring your students to present to you an official high school transcript you might want to start that process NOW…..  You will soon be hearing from the Board that they are going to be requiring this official transcript prior to allowing the students to take his/her State Licensing  Examinations….

The Board had lengthy discussion as to what hours from what programs should be allowed to transfer to which programs….  Are you confused yet???  Example: student is a licensed Aesthetician and wants to become a Nail Tech…  Does any of the Aesthetics hours transfer to getting your Nail Tech license???  The Board was very divided and decided to TABLE this for a later discussion.  I will certainly do my best to keep you updated as this topic unfolds….

The Board attorney has asked the Board for a final approval on the rules and regulations no later than 4-24-14.  He further stated that the final version MUST be submitted to the Secretary of States office no later than 5-24-2014….




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