Monday May 18, 2015 Board Meeting

Due to the upcoming Memorial Day holiday the Board moved it’s regular meeting to May 18, 2015..  All Board members were present..  As with this new Board the meeting agendas are laid out and followed in a smooth orderly fashion.  The usual business was discussed:  Meeting Minutes Approved, Continuing Education Approvals, and Duplicate Licenses Request….

Boring, Boring and Boring…   LOL   NOW FOR THE JUICE!!!!  Representatives for PCS, NIC, IQT and SMT were present…  I first want to say that I think it is a CROCK of…..   That we have to deal with FOUR different companies for our student testing…   NO wonder it has taken so long to get a meeting with them…. I’m going to do my best to sum up this short meeting …

Pleasant…..Willing to work with the Board, However,  they really can not change much because it’s an NIC examination and NIC tell US “Who, What, When and How” we will test our students ….. And most of the questions asked of them got a reply of “IT DEPENDS”…….

This is all a JOKE… And no one is LAUGHING… We have entered into an agreement with a company that knows NOTHING about NOTHING, PCS…  They are nothing more than a SMOKE SCREEN between a company that develops a test NIC,  a company that scores a test, SMT and a company responsible for the examiners of the practical test. IQT……   And we wonder why our students are having to pay this outrageous pricing for testing…

I know that we have a strong group of individuals serving on our Board and together they WILL make this WRONG….  A  RIGHT!!!!!!

Now onto the weekend…  Hope to see everyone at  the MCSA workshop this weekend in Biloxi!!!!!!  A good time is Promised to Be had by ALL……

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  • by Heidi Riley Posted June 5, 2015 5:33 pm

    Boring is good sometimes… Looking forward to seeing everyone as well.

  • by You know who Posted June 9, 2015 7:29 pm

    What a mess!

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