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In the recent NIC Bulletin, Cosmetology Board President Leisa McElreath who also serves at NIC Secretary/Treasure has a featured article…  attached for you to read

But the article that most caught my attention  was  the Editorial.  Are There conflicts on Boards?   If I did not know better I would think that article was written about Leisa McElreath. This is a WOW..   It is hitting so close to what is going on with our Board.

1.  That Fact that the Cosmetology Board is in the process of choosing a testing company

2.  The use of the  “NIC Written Examination” is a strong player in this process

3.  Cosmetology Board President, Leisa McElreath just happened to be elected as the NIC Secretary/Treasure prior to choosing a testing company!!!!!                                                                   Too Many coincidences….

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  • by David Posted September 1, 2014 10:12 am

    Kinda off topic. But… I recall thru my employment with MSBC that one of the biggest complaints from the “3 amigo” on the Board (with PearsonVue) was it costs the students too much money to take the exams”. BUT, in case people aren’t aware, NIC is not a testing company. Therefore, IF the Board contracts with a company that uses NIC exams, it will likely cost more because the students will have to absorb the cost of 1) the cost of the actual exam, 2) the cost of someone from another company to administer the exam and 3) the cost of a DIFFERENT company to grade the written exams! So… I am anxious to see how much LESS it is going to cost the students to get their license with a new testing company!
    Also, it is “hear-say” that Leisa doesn’t receive monetary compensation from serving on NIC Board… but read their bylaws… it tells the truth! The year that I went to NIC conference, there was a heated discussion because NIC was almost financially broke… could this be from “under the table payments”? JUST A THOUGHT….
    CONFLICT???…. that’s a no-brainer!!!

  • by HairDiva Posted September 2, 2014 9:13 am

    So now that I have officially picked my jaw up off of my desk, let me start off by saying “Shut the Front Door and Run out the Back.” I am in utter shock that our Board President has such a big ego that she thought she could get away with doing a Featured Article with NIC. As if it wasn’t bad enough that she also serves as NIC Secretary/Treasurer, she now has a featured article published about her. That is almost like crapping on our faces esp the ones of us who fight for our industry. Let us not forget that we couldn’t even have a proper Industry Day with Pearson Vue because Leisa felt the need to bring a member of NIC, who was a Past President of NIC, with her to OUR MS INDUSTRY DAY. And they wonder why NIC was on the verge of being broke…look at who the Treasurer is??????

    Lord I pray that you allow this NIC Featured Article to land on the Governor’s Desk and please allow a copy to be sent to the Ethics Commission and help them to see the evil that Myrtis Elizabeth “Leisa” Stuart Lide McElreath has brought forth upon our Industry.

  • by Ann Simmons Posted September 2, 2014 3:10 pm

    I wrote a letter regarding this conflict of interest to the Peer Review Committee last year but received a nondescript response. I will be forwarding a copy of this article to the Governor’s office and see if we can get anyone to CARE. I PRAY that the queen of narcissism, Ms. Leisa, looses her job soon. She is a disgrace and an embarrassment to the State of Mississippi and has been the most destructive thing that has ever happened to the Board.

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