House Bill 464 was signed into Law March 23, 2017 By Governor Phil Bryant….  House Bill 464 overhauls our Instructor Trainee Programs…   Effective July 1, 2017 we will have one unified Instructor program for all courses…

We will now have a one Thousand hour program regardless of the course of study…   Cosmetology, Nail Tech or Esthetician…  Each Instructor has the exact same requirements now!!!!  

The Board asked for a lot more things but this one item is very significant… 

THANK YOU SENATOR DOTY FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK!!!!!   It is greatly appreciated….

House Bill 464-1

House Bill 464-2

Listed above are the actual House Bill… Had to split  into 2 separate files… House Bill 464-2 is section outlining the New Instructors Programs…


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