“PCS” 2015 Mississippi Practical Examination Overview!!!!!

How many of you was NOT impressed with this presentation????  Could you believe your EARS when Mat Levy with PCS introduced, Cosmetology Board President, Leisa McElreath as the Most Passionate, Hardest Working Individual Concerning Cosmetology In The State Of Mississippi“……..  THROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who did this Shaun somebody with NIC think he was??…  I have never heard a more RUDE speaker in my life…  This guy was so off in left field and did not know half of what he was talking about…. A person who has any type of professionalism would never come into another state with such disrespect…  However, he did understand the IMPORTANCE of HAND SANTIZER and keeping your work area SANITIZED….   Am I crazy??   Did everyone hear what I heard????  We (NIC) don’t care if your students know how to wrap a perm, cut hair, know what on base is,  or any other techniques that would be used in the Cosmetology profession, BUT what they MUST know is how to Protect the safety of the PUBLIC….  

Don’t get me wrong Public Health and Safety is a MUST…  But Damn why would we throw out a reputable testing company for this BULL SHIT NIC????  I realized that NIC GAVE Cosmetology Board President Leisa McElreath an officers position, that provides her MANY perks and we all know that they did this STRICTLY to have her influence the Board to use NIC for it’s written and practical examination…..  What PISSES me off the most is that it worked… YES SOME PEOPLE CAN BE BOUGHT…..  NO ONE can tell me that what she did was NOT a total CONFLICT OF INTEREST!!!!! 

Two complaints were filed on Lesia McElreath with the ethic commission last year for what has just happened in the state of Mississippi and the ethic commission stated at that time since the state of Mississippi did not use the NIC examinations there was no conflict of interest….   Well guess what????    We can now can prove conflict of interest…. 

The only JUSTICE in this whole mess would be for Leisa McElreath and Teresa Whitman to lose their Board Appointments!!!!!  Oh what the Hell…. Shelly Harsin needs to go too……   



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  • by Jan May Posted February 12, 2015 8:39 pm

    As a person who works every day with the public, I’ve experienced some RUDE people. But the guy from NIC was by far the RUDEST! I’m appalled at the way he treated us. And we are doing business with this company. I am going to file a complaint with NIC.

    “DUMBING DOWN” our test is what we are doing if we go with the NIC test. If you know how to sanitize your hands, you pass! And the reason NIC wouldn’t demonstrate anything for us was because all he knew how to do was sanitize his hands!

  • by Glenda. Honeycutt Posted February 12, 2015 8:40 pm

    I agree with you on shuan’s statements . And there exam is not an exam. When you worry more about sanitizing your hands than roller placement, rod base, stem curls and more. Prove to me that knowledge of our profession was not there. And leisa argreed with them so that told me a lot . If we keep following this direction what kind of profession will we have. And sanitation is very important but not all there is to become a stylist.

  • by hairtchr Posted February 12, 2015 9:18 pm

    AGREE… AGREE… and AGREE! I was at this meeting, and it was a total joke. I have never experienced such an act of unprofessionalism. OH…WAIT… YES I HAVE… at MSBC Board Meetings! But we have to remember, this new company really ISN’T about examining students’ knowledge… it’s about getting another state contracted with N.I.C. THANKS MYRTIS ELIZABETH LISA STEWART LIDE MCELREATH and KAY WHITMAN!!!! I truly hope you two can go home and rest at night knowing what you have done to this industry and Agency!!! WHAT AM I SAYING…. THEY ARE ABOUT TO HAVE PLENTY OF TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • by Robin Posted February 13, 2015 12:26 am

    Ugh utsk uahjsth. Excuse the sounds of me P U K I N G!!! If you go back and look at every single vote no matter large or small right or wrong it was 3 to 2 – always being of course 2 on the left and 2 that are right and the prez breaking the tie going to the left making 3-2 ! Ridiculous !! This entire industry has suffered and the schools even more ridiculous because the BIG THREE didn’t want ANYONE who knew what they were talking about with years of experience to be able to have input / they have no clue – some schools taken advantage of it and get away with taking the money and no real education – it’s been them against us the industry people THEYRE suppose to represent. The excitement and passion I had for my profession for almost 30 years at the time started turning into bitterness, hopeless, and lost passion all because of what has been going on at the board!! People I had respect for I totally have none now / one board member came in day one with a snarky look, a frown,a look of despise for everyone around with exception of couple on the board . I didn’t know her so it made no sense to be to find some of that hostility directed at me and whomever else happen to be sitting with me. But as I QUICKLY LEARNED- as HARD as I tried to keep gossip out of the salons preach it teach it walk it talk it – several “top dogs” ( self made) work as hard at destroying others reputation and image by gossip.gossip gossip trying to tear down self esteem and ruin their image and reputation . I had not been around people like that in my 25 years at previous job. But when I was able to go to board meetings, and use my right and peragotive to take my paper work to the board agency , ask questions to which I needed answers to the individusls it concerned and would know , and started being around other’s more for various reasond, all of a sudden I had people talking about me, making up things and certain people I had only befriended and had much respect for started frowning when they saw me and spreading it on to someone else I would see turning from me that I had befriended and been around a bit for 20 years – it was amazing ! Never saw anything like it- this past four years has seen total chaos and devistation brought about in our industry – almost destroyed-
    So so sad ! So so sad ! Power and greed ! Egos bigger than Texas. And not that would ever want to – but it just amazed me how someone can do SO MANY UNETHICAL AND DOWNRIGHT WRONG AND ILLEGAL- but could continue spreading like a cancer ?!!???!!!!!??!!!????! I have FOUGHT FOR OUR AGENCY FOR YEARS – but if something doesn’t change soon I’m all for shutting it down!

  • by Beverly Posted February 13, 2015 9:16 am

    I feel the same as everyone else that has posted. I have always been PROUD of my profession and was always proud and respectful of our PREVIOUS State Board members. Our current State Board is an embarrassment to me. Hairdressers have work hard to build a good reputation for this profession and it is a disgrace for a few people to destroy it. As far as Safety and Sanitation goes, yes it is important and has always been taught right along with Technique. This test is a joke. I think it is awful to charge students what the required fee is just to take a Sanitation test. Our local Health Departments could do this. I pray that someone with the power that can, will step in and correct these problems before its too late. Our Board members ought to be ashamed. Nothing positive can come out of this when their is so much separation in the board members.

  • by HairDiva Posted February 13, 2015 9:36 am

    I am so glad to know that I was not the only person who threw up in their mouth when I heard Matt Levy introduce Leisa. Boy does she have them fooled. And don’t even get me started on her when she stood up trying to explain and stumbled all over herself. After 27 years of being raised and a part of this industry, I have never in those years felt like our profession has been down graded the way this NIC test has down graded us. When Shaun stood up there with his nasty attitude and unprofessionalism and told us that their motto is “Do the best you can with what you have..” I swear, I almost fell out of my seat. So if I send my student with no shears and no razor, they will pass all because they did the best they could with what they had and they sanitized their hands. It was almost like we were sitting in the middle of a bad horror scene in a low budget film. Pearson was doing a fine job in the state and there was no reason to make us go through what we are now having to go through. Pearson stepped up to the plate in December and gave us an additional testing just to help schools get as many tested as they could before our state was left with no testing. Pearson did not have to do this especially after the way Leisa, Kay, and Cynthia Johnson has treated them but because they care about students, they still helped in every way they could. I say this to Leisa and Kay…..I hope you 2 are happy with the damage you have done to our industry…Kay, you are nothing but Leisa’s puppet and the 40,000 plus licensed PROFESSIONALS in our state has had enough. Yes, we are licensed professionals and you will not take the professionalism out of our Cosmetology industry just because you 2 know nothing about being a professional. To the 40,000 plus licensed professionals in the state…I have to say this you all from Sam Cooke

    “There been times when I thought I couldn’t last for long
    But now I think I’m able to carry on
    It’s been a long, a long time coming
    But I know a change gon’ come, oh yes it will”

  • by Ann Simmons Posted February 13, 2015 1:39 pm

    I will gladly file another Complaint with the Ethics Committee – in fact, I just ran the forms off. Now that Leisa got her way again and Mississippi now uses NIC for testing, it HAS to be a conflict of interest for her to be Board President AND Secretary/Treasurer of NIC…..mailing it in first thing next week. The idiot three amigos need to GO…..NOW, IMMEDIATELY…..

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