Pearson Vue Testing Updates

Most are probably aware that on-line registration for Pearson Vue testing did not open on May 15, 2017..  Due to some lack of communications, the Board office needed some additional time to get the Examination Approval Letters out…

It will be necessary for all students to have these Approval Letters prior to them registering for their Examinations…  Just as before with Pearson Vue, all students will be required present their Approval Letters in order to be permitted in for testing… One letter for Theory and One Letter for Practical.   Should a student NOT have their Approval Letters they will not be allowed to enter the test site and will forfeit the monies paid for the examination….

On line registration will open on May 30, 2017…   All Practical Test sites, Tupelo, Jackson and Hattiesburg will be testing Monday June 19, 2017 and Computer Labs will be opened starting Wednesday June 21, 2017…

Should you have any students that are approaching their one year anniversary date and has not tested the Board office will make allowances that will allow these students a few additional months to get tested with Pearson Vue.

AND YES!!!!!   There has been a lot of things happening with our Board as well as the Agency….  Board Members Waylon Garrett on May 1, 2017  and Bertha Johnson Robinson on May 6, 2017 Both resigned and on May 15, 2017 Executive Director David Derrick resigned.  The Boards monthly meeting is scheduled for Monday May 22, 2017…  PLENTY TO FOLLOW!!!!!

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