Practical Testing Workshop

I hope that most of you are aware that there is a SPECIAL WORKSHOP being held at the Mississippi State Board of Cosmetology office this Sunday 6-30-2019 and Monday 7-1-2019… I know that this is short notice but If you are a School Owner or an Instructor who is actively teaching at a school this workshop is a MUST!!!!

This workshop is being held for the SOLE purpose so the BOARD can decide the following:

  1. What Practical Skills will they require our graduate students to preform when taking their State Board Practical Examination..

2. What will be the grading criteria for the practical skills chosen…

While some Board Members DO NOT want the schools / instructors opinions, others do… If you care ANYTHING about what is going on with our TESTING this workshop is a MUST to attend…

I try my best to attend all Board meeting so that I can be the EYES, EARS and LOUD VOICE for our schools… I am not an Instructor and I NEED YOUR HELP…

Meeting Starts at 10:00 am each day… A notice was sent out from the Board office stating that NO PUBLIC COMMENTS will be allowed Sunday… However the PUBLIC WILL HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO COMMENTS ON MONDAY.

It’s no accident that we currently have (3) Licensed Instructors serving on our Board… Let’s turn out to Support and Help to ensure that our testing process going forward is what WE want!!!

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  • by Anonymous Posted December 5, 2019 10:44 am

    Keep doing what you are doing. You are a voice that is needed. I wish more people understood that we as an industry need to speak up and be heard. Our voices does matter.

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