Regular Board Meeting Monday 2-27-2017

The Board held it’s regular meeting February 27, 2017..  All Board Members were present

Legal Council…  Updated the Board with the Attorney Generals Opinion on: A Cosmetology Board member serve as a Delegate for the Mississippi Cosmetology Council.  Board members can serve as a delegate as a Board member…  That was simple enough since it is written in “Statute 73-7-7”, but the A.G. Opinion was that a Cosmetology Board member can not be a Board member and serve as a delegate through any State Association.. 

The Board scheduled a TON of HEARINGS for May 15, 2017, approximately 50….   I certainly don’t want to be present that day!!!

It appears that the Massage Therapy Board is reaching out to the Cosmetology Board to see if they can file a complaint on a licensed salon…  It appears that in 2013 the Massage Therapy Board fined a salon $500.00 for employing an unlicensed Massage Therapist.  Now some 3 plus years later the salon has not paid it’s fine and now the Massage Therapy Board wants the Cosmetology Board to do something about it….  You would have thought that the Massage Therapy Board would have contacted the Cosmetology Board back in 2013 especially since the Salon was licensed by the Board of Cosmetology….  The Board directed Mr. Derrick to have an inspector make a visit to the “salon”….

Executive Director David Derrick brought a situation up where an inspector had conflict due to the salon being duel licensed…  The Board agreed that they needed to set up a meeting with the Barber Board so that they can build a unity when it comes to inspecting duel licensed salons…  No one has really asked my opinion on this but it appears to me if the salon holds a set of Cosmetology Salon License and Barber Shop License it should not matter who the station belongs to… If its unsanitary it should be written up… 

During this meeting the Board approved some 13 Continuing Education Events….

Board Member Darlene Smith reported back to the Board on her recent visit to Delta Beauty College, located in Greenville.  This visit was due to some complaints that was filed with the Board..  After brief discussion the Board made the decision to do a FULL audit of all student records…

The Cosmetology Board office is currently short 3 people and the Board is going to hold interviews March 13, 2017 to fill 2 of the 3 opening…   The Board has also decided NOT to have the March 27, 2017 meeting but instead hold it monthly meeting following the interview on March 13, 2017….   I know it’s all about me but this is BAD..BAD..BAD…  Now I get to sit out in the hallway where there is nothing but a wooden ledge to sit on and WAIT…WAIT….WAIT…  Besides only 2 weeks has passed since the last Board meeting and after this meeting then it will be 6 weeks for the next….   I think the Board Meeting should be kept on the last Monday of the month if at all possible… 

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