Special Call Meeting 1-12-2014

Another Special Call Meeting was held Monday 1-12-2014…  This meeting was held for the continuation of the 1-11-2014 Special Call Meeting Agenda:  Today dealt with Rules and Regulation Revisions, RFP Process and NIC Conference…..

The Board once again was trying to finalize the rules and regulations….  At todays meeting attorney Margarette Meeks indicated to the Board that they might want to revisit the requirements for someone wanting a Duplicate Licenses.  Ms. Meeks stated that she had been contacted by an attorney and they felt that the Board was requiring unnecessary  bourdon for those who wanted to request a Duplicate License.  That Board has decided to relax the new rule and allow a licensing holder to request one duplicated during the licensing period and if the license holder should need any additional duplicate licenses within that same licensing period that individual would have to meet in person with the Board for said request and then the Board will tell them their decision during this meeting.  Chances are stacked against them, however the Board will make that decision case by case.

The Board has also decided to amend the rules that deal with Covered Trash Cans….. Source Code 73-7-7  Rule 7.3 Interior “C”  All solid waste and refuse must be kept in containers of solid construction with tight fitting lids, The Board removed “tight fitting”…..It is now to be lids…..SO YES YOUR SWING TOP LIDS WILL ONCE AGAIN BE OK…..


As most are aware the Board had completed the RFP “request for proposal”  for companies to start making bids for the written and practical testing of our student….  The Pearson Vue Contract expired in September 2013 and we are currently on an extension with Pearson Vue  till 3/31/14……    The date for accepting bids on the RFP closed on 1/7/2014…..  GUESS HOW MANY BIDS THE BOARD RECEIVED???????     ONE!!!!!!!!!! and guess who the one bid was from???   Pearson Vue!!!!!!!  You will never believe what happens next…..

In the RFP the Board made a few unreasonable demands on the companies who would be bidding for the contract….Examples:  Price caps, testing locations and not allowing them to place a bid unless all the required specification were met….  In other words WE WILL NOT NEGOATE!!!!!  Pearson Vue still submitted their bid and the pricing was higher than what the RFP allowed but still within the current range of charges….  Anyway IT “information technology” rejected the one and only bid because the pricing exceeded the maximum pricing as set forth in the RFP…..

Oh it gets even better….Since IT had only received the one bid and then rejected it.  They decide to contact the other testing companies that had inquired but did not place a bid to find out why they did not bid…  Guess what the other testing companies that did not bid have to say????   They did not bid because of the pricing cap….. Required too many testing sites…….  Now the Board finds it’s self having to do another RFP and they will have to start this process all over again… In doing this new RFP guess what they are going to do….Raise or remove the price cap and allow for less test sites….  and if there are going to do that they why not go ahead and accept the Pearson Vue bid…..  No they are not going to do that and I guarantee you that if any other company, other than Pearson Vue makes a bid then that company will become our new testing company!!!!!!!!

I do not know why Leisa McElreath , Shelly Harsin and Teresa Whitman dislike Person Vue so much….   Leisa and Teresa  have made it clear that Pearson Vue was out and I don’t understand how they can take such a negative position…  MARK MY WORDS THOSE THREE WILL SEE TO IT THAT WE ARE BACK TO SQUARE ONE….. WE WILL BE NO BETTER OFF THAN WE WERE BEFORE PEARON VUE TOOK OVER OUR TESTING!!!!!!!!  They are going to stick us with a new testing company, then be off the Board and here the SCHOOLS are left with a mess to deal with…………

NIC Conference…..Conference is to be in Las Vega March 15 & 16….This is such a joke no one on the Board really expressed any interest in going except Leisa McElreath…  And guess what she sits on the Board of NIC…. Don’t forget this Board member also voted YES to raise the cost of your licenses to generate additional revenue…….  


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  • by Robin Posted January 27, 2014 10:02 am

    Not one bit of this surprises me- of course the school where board pres was , closed shortly thereafter and sold- of course we wouldn’t want instructors sitting on the board to give pertinent info when it’s not wanted in the meeting itself regarding the schools- which the members as are have little to no experience regarding cosmetology schools- where it all starts!! They have no clue how it’s being affected and affects … Tsck tsck

  • by Dot Posted January 27, 2014 6:29 pm

    Thank you Mr. Calton for being so concerned with our industry. Thank goodness someone like you have
    the gall to stand up for what’s right. Amen for this Blog. It’s all about being honest and exposing those that
    do what they want to push their “personal agendas”

    • by Marie Butler Posted January 30, 2014 12:56 pm

      Thank you so much for this blog and especially thank you for taking your time to attend the meetings…they are so trying.

      Marie Butler

  • by Peggy Posted February 13, 2014 4:09 pm

    Melvin, as you know, my temper tends to get the best of me at these board meetings. I do want to thank you for posting and keeping us up to date. I am not making excuses, I have been sick for most of three months. However, I am on the mend and looking forward to more posts.


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