Special Telehone Conference Held Today 2/10/14

Today at 11:30 a.m. the Mississippi State Board of Cosmetology held a telephone conference.  Most everyone is aware that our 2 year contract ended with Pearson Vue on 9/30/13.  Which gave the Board 2 full years to decide if they wanted to take bids for a  new testing company or just enter into a renewal contract with Pearson Vue.  Well NOTHING was done on either part and the Board of Cosmetology basically asked Pearson Vue if they would give the Board a 6 month extension to the existing 2 year contract……   During this time some Board members had high hopes of getting other companies “””” Like the ones that would use the NIC Written EXAM”””””” to bid for the job to test our students….   Everyone does know that I am talking about Teresa and Leisa!!!!!

Well now the 6 month extension will expire on 3/31/2014 and our Board is no closer to finding a testing company and as a matter of fact NO ONE BIDDED FOR THE CONTRACT EXCEPT PEARSON VUE……  Now certain members of the Board still feels it necessary to SLAP Pearson Vue in the face one more time to ask them for another 6 month extension..  However, Pearson Vue asked the Board to give them an extension through 12/31/2014…   The Board accepted the extension through 12/31/2014 but reminded Pearson Vue of the “30 Day Cancelation Clause” in the contract…… Which means if the Board finds a new testing company prior to 12/31/14 the Board can cancel the balance of the extension contract with Pearson Vue……

This is so DIRTY!!!!!   The Board basically keeps asking Pearson Vue to extend the existing contract until the are able to find a new testing company…..  This is GARBAGE….  What is so wrong with Pearson Vue…..   It has taken the full 2 years to work a lot of bugs out and I know there are still some additional things to be worked on, but the Board and once again when I say Board I mean Teresa, Leisa and Shelly who just follows their lead…. have taken no steps to work with Pearson Vue ……  It’s like they are just going to throw everything out the window and start all over again… Who knows what is ahead of us…  It could be a lot worse and a lot more expensive for our students…. WE DON’T NEED THAT!!!!!



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  • by Robin Posted February 10, 2014 5:59 pm

    Is there not some legal entity that we should be able to file formal complaints for them to watch our board ( aka Leisa and Theresa) some watchdog that cares how our board is making a shambles of our industry in many ways??

  • by Marie Butler Posted February 11, 2014 9:55 am

    It is a shame that our board is not interested in what is best for our industry. They only are interested in their own agenda.

  • by Peggy Posted February 13, 2014 3:31 pm

    Well Melvin,
    I no longer work with Pearson so I feel free to express my openion. You are so right, Pearson has gone above and beyond the call of duty as far as our State Board situation. I am really surprised that they are allowing another possible six months.
    My thoughts are as follows; Since the Board has asked Pearson to go outside the contract twice now, how can they then go back and use the same contract to apply the 30 day rule. What’s up with this. Actually the contract is null and void, isn’t it, or did Pearson already sign it? I hope Tracy and the staff looks into this.
    I am all for Pearson testing. I think the Evaluators should be more professional and have the same introduction classes that we all had to have in the beginning. Every body is not on the same page and this is the area that needs to be worked on. As far as the board is concerned and Robin’s comment, I have sent numerous letters to various people pertaining to the Attorney, I guess the Governor finally got the hint! lol.. I would suggest that we find replacement possibilities and then proceed to hound all of the offices.
    The board needs to tend to other problems within their midst; I haven’t been keeping up with you so I need to go back and read before I make any more comments. Ha. I like this Melvin, I am not a big e mail reader but when Pennie tells me to check something out, I usually do!!!


  • by Heidi Riley Posted July 25, 2014 11:52 pm

    With all the technology we have, could the exams not be video monitored/taped? I think the examiners should wear a “go pro” to tape exactly what they are looking at…

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