Sunday 8-14-2016 Early Board Meeting

The Board moved up its August meeting to Sunday August 14, 2016 due to the Board holding Hearings on Monday August 15, 2016..   This meeting started at  1:00 p.m. with all Board members and legal council present…  Boy did this mess up a good afternoon of laying in the pool and drinking some TOP SHELF MARGARITAS!!!!!    I actually had some company at this meeting…  Ms. Marie Butler attended.   It was great seeing her out and about again…

Board Attorney Jeff Jernigan presented the Board with some information on “Micro Blading”… The Mississippi Department of Health prohibits this practice in Salons and/ or Tattoo Parlors…  The Board also opened discussion with Mr. Jernigan in ways the Board could handle individuals openly advertising themselves as a “Mobile Spa”…  They are definitely traveling around here in the Jackson area…

The Board did address the motion made at the 6/26/16 meeting dealing with statute  73-7-15.  1e, 2e, and 3e to correct the motion to be for 1f, 2e, and 3e which is to keep the original language as set forth in the Statute….   The SKINNY of this whole mess was that I “MELVIN” was trying to offer some language to our current Statute that would allow the Board to approve classes that could be outside the scope of “SEMESTER hours in COLLEGE courses” for our student instructors….   But you know some times it takes a while to get everyone to agree on a little change and I understand that…. But hopefully everyone will come together for the SINGLE 1000 hour Instructor Course….  Let me get back on track!!!  Back in June at the MCSA Seminar someone asked a room full of Licensed Instructors “How many of you in here have a “COLLEGE DEGREE”…..   I was standing at the front of the room and 99% of those individuals raised their hands…   I’m sorry but in my 30 years of enrolling individuals for the Instructor Program I may have had 2 applicants that had a College Degree…   I think a lot of people associate taking a  Semester or two of College  Courses to be equivalent to having a College Degree!!!!  Having a few College Courses under your belt DOES NOT NECCESSARLY make you a better Instructor..   YES, I do believe there are SOME College Courses the would definitely HELP…   That felt good….. I’ve been wanting to get that off my chest…  LOL

It’s official we have a NEW School Coordinator…  Her name is Ms. Virgie Gibbs..  I love her!!! and you will love her too…   Ms. Gibbs will also take part in the monthly Board meetings in providing a School Report to the Board as well as taking meeting minutes along with all the other ins and outs of the School Coordinator…  I also want to give a BIG THANK you to Ms. Leigh Vestal for doing an excellent job in handling the school/student records….


I know everyone has heard me discuss POST SECONDARY till they are probably tired of hearing about it but I have great news…   After 16 months, hundreds of documents, and thousands of hours…. I got it!!!!!!  On August 1, 2016, Academy of Hair Design received the following letter from the U.S. Department of Education….


Yes, the U.S. Department of Education DOES  now recognize that the Great State of Mississippi as having State Agencies that have proven to have met the requirements to issue Post Secondary School Licenses to Cosmetology and Barber Schools.   What sounds like a small task was a VERY STEEP MOUNTAIN TO CLIMB.. and I want to THANK every individual for their participation in helping me to make this happen…   Without this, our schools would have lost Title IV Funding…  So all the Schools  MUST make sure that your school is licensed as a Post Secondary School in order to keep your funding…  Do this NOW don’t wait until they renew..  Contact Mr. Derrick at the Board office if your school licenses DOES NOT SAY “Post Secondary Schools”  CERTIFICATION OF REGISTRATION

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  • by Heidi Riley Posted September 4, 2016 11:06 am

    College EDUCATION Courses: I didn’t give College TEACHER EDUCATION courses much credit even when taking them UNTIL I started actually teaching and I saw how much I had learned and how useful they were… They have definitely made ME a better teacher albeit not the best maybe… As as instructor/teacher and college graduate I will say [albeit not the Christian thing to do…] I think I am as good as any instructor and better than some given my college courses… HOWEVER, I don’t ask fellow instructors, “Do you have a college degree?” I simply know them as instructors… and I know many who know much more than I do!!! Whether their knowledge was genetic, environmental, or educational influence – I have no idea… But in college Education courses for teachers they teach you: test construction, so you don’t simply hit print on Exam View and give the test and then say, “well the key says A so it must be answer A…” You learn about creating a great testing environment and the ethics of testing… You learn to take that pre-made test and make it better – not just print it and give it. You learn how to make your own tests to bring your student to a higher level of learning [multiple choice, t/f as most students are test are the LOWEST level] You learn how to look at that pre-made test and realize even the pros that created it made a mistake because there are two answers that would definitely be correct therefore there is an error on that pre-made test… How to use rubrics, and how mathematically to score students work by weights… other than multiples of 10’s! OR item analysis of your test results of students and how this benefits both you and the student to do this… Now, these very few aforementioned items are very simple basic things that good teachers learn over time regardless, but how many years do your students suffer until you do??? [I have to admit that my daughter understood Item Analysis at 8yrs of age and I had to take a college course to realize it and understand it! – HA maybe just dummies like me need the college courses!!!] So I am glad I took College Teacher Education classes. Do I feel I am “above” others??? No I feel I am a well qualified instructor. Here is just 1 minuscule reading assignment: On the Nat’l School Board Assoc website that changed the way I grade students [this was not the article I read in college but it is as close as I could get for you… I hope it helps you and your students if you have not already learned it…
    The above is not required by the MSBC for licensing, but if you can as a licensed instructor take some College level Methods of Education Courses – I highly recommend them… they are not Vocational/Career tech… they are simply Education classes taught for those students that will teach.

    College Level Courses for Instructor’s Licensing: This is my opinion on requiring subjects for Student Instructors … If you don’t have a higher level of education in the subject you are teaching then you are simply a student teaching another student except you have a piece of paper that licenses you as an instructor. If you have a student that has a lower level of knowledge than you and you still just have that GED/HighSchool knowledge than you do NOT have a higher knowledge of your subject. If you still had that 1st year Cosmetology Education and didn’t move to a higher level of knowledge, would you be a good teacher? If you still had only your first year of Cosmetology School Experiences would you still be as good teacher without several years behind a chair? If you are teaching A&P to students and you only teach the book, why do we need you? You need at least a low level College Biology course on a college level! And if you can’t pass that then you don’t need to be teaching! I feel like there is no reason why Students Instructors should not be required to have 1 dang college semester that includes these possibly (1) College math, College Algebra, or Business Math (2) Biology, A&P, or Chemistry (3) Psychology (4) Ethics Now if you take just one of these in the 1-4 category you will have 12-13hours of college level courses and PEOPLE these are the very lowest level courses in college and if you can’t pass these then YOU DON’T NEED TO BE A TEACHER!!! I think it should be a Pre-requisit before given permission to enter the student instructor program! We have students Passing with DIPLOMAS from “great” highschools that can’t tell time on a clock – don’t have a damn clue what you mean when you say clockwise/ counter clockwise and they are going to TEACH! I don’t know everything… and I continue to try to learn and far from perfect but we need to raise our standards – NOT lower them. Then there is always the “well they should not have to move to go to college… ” argument. To that I say, “why the hell not???” Kids do it every day, adults too – I had to sacrifice to get where I am. Besides, they can enroll for College Online courses and take everyone one of these in their jammies at home – ! [personally I don’t care for online and by the way, this would be a completely different sort of online class from those limited by the MSBC for continuing education – they are College courses simply delivered in a different venue].
    Well it is Sunday and I am glad to vent that out… I have to get off my soap box to go meet my students taking the licensing exam for a mock run thru – oh the sacrifices we make for students! Pools and Margaritas are no where in my future! LOL
    I hope I have not offended any one… I well aware of great knowledge with no formal education – I am married to a fine example of it – but this doesn’t mean that we can’t benefit from both! While my husband is very very smart there is no telling how he could have benefited from a formal education and also benefited our society – don’t knock it until you try it!
    Last but not least: Hooray for you Melvin! You have indeed worked very hard in your endeavors to get the Post Secondary issue resolved. You have worked on the behalf that may never realize it or thank you! It is my understanding that you are not even licensed as a cosmetologist or maybe an instructor but you definitely deserve a spot in the Hall of Fame for all your work on behalf of the Cosmetology Profession!
    PS: pardon my errors if any – I did NOT major in English! LOL

  • by Robi Posted October 31, 2016 6:54 pm

    These are so much my thoughts, Heidi Riley,and though I upset a lot of people along the way , I have voiced it many times.. if a student instructor has to take hours to learn to teach, then they need to be TAUGHT how to teach, to different types of personalities, what you need for effective teaching and how to properly test and evaluate to know the student has learned. Too many times I interviewed potential instructors who laughed when I asked if they knew how to make lesson plans.. and were serious that no they weren’t taught how to construct and use a lesson plan.. someone else did what they needed to take to boards? True I am not making this up. It was probably the one thing teachers got mad at me most often for, requiring lesson plans for me to (at first to have on file and in case of emergency and needed sub for the class) to look over.. just to see if I could tell: what is the main thing you are teaching today: how are you going to teach it to insure you’ve covered all,of your bases : what materials will you need to teach this material and HOW,WILL YOU KNOW IF THE STUDENTS ACTUALLY UNDERSTOOD AND LEARNED WHAT YOU TAUGHT TO AT LEAST 85% accuracy? How do you know they learned the material to be able to remember and put into actions whether with hands or with problem solving, or did they just learn how to recognize words on a paper to cram for test? Looking up missing words for homework or test? Did they memorize for your test, or they learned material //… how do you plan to test to recognize if they learned or not.
    And what would validate in your mind that they really don’t understand and need to find an alternate way of teaching at material.
    Classes I had to take for Post Sedondary instruction was THE MOST VALUABLE INVESTMENT I made and each year I realized it. like Heidi said, HOW TO CONSTRUCT TESTING MATERIAL… IS THE SENTENCE LONGER THAN THE ANSWER, IS THERE ONLY ONE ANSWER THATS 100%True all the time… are the answers not related if giving multiple choice of course.. true and false questions are not valid testing material. It is how lucky you are. Dr Marvin Lanmom of USM proved it in this class… had 22 of us take a silent test. He said #1 true or false on to 25 questions.. he had a sheet with t or f beside each number.. when he called out answers we laughed because out of 22 of us, with no idea what the questions even would’ve been made 1 actually made 100… by being very lucky. 15 out of 21 left passed with a B or better… only 4 actually failed….. proved the point. Some people are very good at patterns and guessing what the letter is going to be or TF going to be. So HOW IS YOUR TEST A VALID TESTING TOOL. Very many times even the answer key to state board review books had wrong answer, but even many instructiors didn’t know the difference. If answer key is thus n so that’s what was used..
    Class on how,to teach different modalities to different type of students… omg could never replace that. Psychology 101 proved invaluable. Even tho at the time, I thought designing of lab for teaching students was a waste of time? Time and time and time again , i used that information to problem solve as well as necessary allotment of space.
    Class on lesson planning was the foundation to teaching because it covered exactly what goes on in that class room education wise.. and several different type classes on recognizing student types and problem solving for classroom education , and some I took refresher courses as climate change among students.
    When working with Pearson Vue on TESTING questions, I was impressed how they went about constructing their questions and validating them as TESTING tool . It was by the book according to USM and MSU…
    I just believe that if you have to learn “course construction” it would make sense to take that class from someone who has learned, tested, and licensed to teach Course Construction.. if you need to learn TESTING and Evaluation as a good teacher , then it would make sense to take that class from one who has learned, tested and teaches TESTING and Evaluation Methods.. JUST LIKE IT MAKES SENSE TO LEARN HOW TO CUT HAIR (not how to do a specific hair cut) YOU SHOULD LEARN IT FROM SOMEOME WHO HAS LEARNED TESTED AND TEACHES HAIR CUTTING.. (experience being a big part of,the “TESTING” lol)
    Knowledge is power, and makes for powerful educational .
    I was told often by my Dean I needed to take a creative writing course to learn how to edequately put my thoughts on paper… I should’ve when I could’ve ,,,, lol I MISS BEING IN THE CLASSROOM!

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