FYI!!!!!  For those who may not be aware the contract that the Mississippi State Board of Cosmetology had with PCS “Professional Services Credentials”, our testing company contract ended December 31, 2016 December 9, 2016...   PCS did disclose to the Board ITS “Information Technology Services”, that they did not plan on bidding to renew their contract…   However, PCS did extend their contract through the end of February but your students only had until Monday January 23, 2017 to be approved for the testing in February…  So basically no more testing is available for OUR students….  

There was one company that did make a proposal to test students for the Mississippi State Board of Cosmetology…  I am not POSITIVE who that company is because as of today there is no official contract signed by both parties…   I look for that process to happen with in the next week or so and then that company will start implementing procedures for the written and practical examination…

I feel pretty certain that there will be NO TESTING for the month of  MARCH or APRIL with the hope to be back up and testing by the end of May first of June…  I  am sure that the Board will need to make some consensus for permits but we have been down this road and survived and hopefully we will emerge having something more stable than a 2 year contract.

Today, 1/30/2017 I made a couple of corrections to this blog posting…  These corrections were brought to my attention from a Board Member..   Many thanks


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  • by Peggy Tiblier Posted January 26, 2017 3:42 pm

    I for one hope it is Pearson!

  • by Robi Posted January 28, 2017 8:05 am

    Here we go again

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